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The Name:   Explained by Auntie Sam

So the story goes that Mia was at your place in the kitchen pre Paul Weller (old bloke) gig chatting to mum and Gary about who she loves.
MIA”I love Mummy, Daddy, Nana, Gary, Harvey etc etc”
GARY ” And who loves Mia?”
MIA Without hesitation, a glint of mischief in her eye she looks up and says “Everybody Loves Mia”
No truer word spoken, we all do.


The Graphics:

Designed by Auntie Sam and inspired by Mia’s obsession with Hama Beads. During the third week of treatment when we returned home Mia sat on tha sofa and said “Mummy I want to do Hama Beads”  “Ok babe” I replied and we said these same words to each other at least 4 times a day for the next three weeks.  Mia can be heard saying “one in there, one in there, one in there….” at all hours of the day and night.  Scott thinks that by the time her treatment is complete we could tile the kitchen floor in a mat of Hama.



If I were to write down the details of everyday in a diary it could never be as full an account as it is in this online format.  The pictures and comments from others make it so much more than just a written account.  We want to keep family and friends up to date but also want to share our experiences so that others in a similar situation can see how we cope (or occasionally don’t cope).   I can’t wait to share it with Mia as she gets older……. I may have to apologise for some of the pictures!



After each blog there will be room for everyone and anyone to have their say, just click on comments 2 and leave your reply/comment…. don’t worry your comment does not have to be a reply to a previous comment.  Please leave your comments as often as you like, it’s lovely to read them now but think how inspirational they can be during the down times!! XX


Raise Awareness:

Please help to raise awareness of Leukaemia… If you like Mia’s website then tell other people to have a look!  Also there is a group on Facebook Everybody loves Mia…Living with childhood Leukaemia, join it, then update your profile to say that you are looking at Mia’s website and include the web address.  In turn I will make sure that I keep this site up to date and will post links to “good” informative websites.  Thank you XX