So Much News!!!! Mia is 4

Friday, September 25th, 2009

I have been thinking about writing an update all month and once again time just seems to be flying by!!

Back to school has gone really well, Harvey is now in year 4 and hopefully being good :-)   He seems happy and is really enjoying seeing all his friends again after the summer holidays.  Mia is going to nursery 4 mornings a week and has a lovely group of friends that she loves to see, so she is definately happy to be there. 

The one year aniversery of Mia’s treatment was marked by returning to swimming classes which Mia has missed over the past year and the start of ballet classes which she is now more than strong enough to do!!!  It is not that she wasn’t able to do these things over the last year but she would not have managed regular lessons due to hospital visits and stays and also long periods of just not feeling up to it, so it’s great that we started this year off with a few new challenges.

There has been lots of reminising over the last few weeks with many discussions about ” this time last year…”  but it has not been a sad time at all, we are so greatful that Mia has been strong and determined and that we have had really good support for us all to come through the year with lots of very happy memories despite the circumstances.  The experience has been very similar in so many ways to that of having your first baby, the trauma of the diagnosis and the uncertainty that comes with it soon becomes part of the routine of your life and although it is hard at times there are so many positives to be found along the way.  We have had to learn new ways of caring for Mia both physically and emotionally we have had to accept that things can change in the blink of an eye so planning anything is very difficult, and our priorities have alltered dramatically, however now 1 year on it all feels familiar and normal and i feel very proud that we have got through a very tough year and we are all settled with our “new” normal.  Having said that I can’t wait to celebrate the completion of treatment and a proper normal next year ;-)

Bestival 2009 was fantastic, beautiful weather, 50,000 people having fun everywhere you turn and great entertainment …. what more could you want?  Mia enjoyed seeing Lily Allen and Mika (so did I) and Scott and Harvey got to see Kraftwerk so everyone was happy.




On the 16th September Mia was 4 !!


The day started early at 6.30 with cries of it’s today, it’s today… Mia was very excited!   Lots of balloons and presents followed before Harvey had to go off to school, Mia had a little time to play before her swimming lesson

and the playdoh proved that it is still popular even when you’re 4.



 Auntie Gemma was staying with us for the week after the Bestival and in the afternoon we set about making a pin the bow on Hello Kitty for Mia’s birthday party on Sunday…






and Mia’s birthday cake to have at teatime.

Mia took ages to blow out all those candles and Harvey was desperate to help out but knew that Mia would tell him off… he was very patient.