Intensive Chemotherapy is complete…. Whoop Whoop

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Mia has officially finished her intensive chemotherapy as of today, it is  really great milestone to reach.  Her blood count however is still suffering from the effects of all the chemotherapy over the last couple of weeks so the opportunity for infections remains high.  Her bloods today were as poor as ever her HB ( the oxygen carrying cells) is only 66 (should be 120) she may need a transfusion if this gets any lower or she becomes symptomatic IE. breathless, restless, drowsy and listless.  Her white blood cells are very low at 0.6 (should be 4), her neutrophils are 0.2 (should be 2) and her platelets are only 72 (should be 150).  It will take at least another week for all of these results to show an improvement so we are once again hoping that Mia doesn’t catch an infection in the meantime. 

Despite her depleting blood count Mia has, as always, had a busy couple of weeks of activity.  She continues to enjoy nursery 3 days a week and we have also fitted in lots of Bike riding, trampolining, scooting and visits to the beach and play parks. 

Last Thursday Jack (cousin) and Auntie Sam visited for the day to make up for us missing Jacks birthday party at the weekend.  They arrived from Hove before Harvey had even left for school which was really exciting.  Mia and Jack really enjoyed spending the day together, it was a beautiful day and Sam and I took them for a long scooter ride down to the beach where we enjoyed lunch before Jack ran ‘Baywatch’ syle into the sea.  Mia stayed on the shore and played on her scooter (and ate extra lunch)! 






It was sad to see them head off for home and Mia was a little teary eyed as she watched them board the Hovercraft, she turned to me and said that “me and Jack were having a really nice time together, I don’t want him to go” sniff sniff… Love you Sammy, Jack and Caleb and Dan (currently enjoying Sardinia then Italy).

Nana and Gary are visiting tomorrow, very excited.  Oh and Mia has a new challenge, if she can go to bed without the oscar winning delay performances every night until Harvey breaks up from school we will buy a swing set including swinging seesaw thing for the garden… watch this space.  XXXX

Daddy’s Birthday and the Bike…

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Scott (Daddy) had his birthday on 7th June and because Mia was still in hospital at the time I completely forgot to write it in her diary… It was an important birthday for Mia (not Scott :-) ) because she had completed her challenge of doing all her Poo’s on the toilet or potty and that of course meant that she would get her pink bike! 

During our day release from St Mary’s the day before Scott’s Birthday Harvey, Mia and I baked a chocolate cake, we had to leave Harvey in charge of decorating because we didn’t have enough time before going back to the Hospital, he did a very good job.  

On Scott’s birthday, Mia and I were allowed out by 11am, we arrived home to find that Harvey had made a banner and Scott had only just got up  (An excellent birthday present)! 

Our friends Amy and Matt, Maisie and Evie visited and bought all of the supplies for homemade burgers which we cooked on the BBQ.  Mia was still having temperatures and was on antibiotics 4 times a day so after a quick birthday tea we had to head back to the hospital for the night.

Mia was discharged on the Tuesday of that week but there was still no opportunity to go and buy her bike because she restarted her chemotherapy on Friday and it was just a very busy time but the following Tuesday we went and we bought !!!!  It is pink, has tassels and has a baby seat that fits on the back… Mia loves it!!!!