The summer is coming to an end…

Hello all,  Thank you for checking in XXX

Mia is still doing fabulously, since I last wrote there has been another camping trip, swimming, scooting, many more beach days and lots of catch ups with friends and family.  Mia has just finished her 5 days of steroids for this month and it was ok… a few dramas but nothing too bad, she definitely feels weak after he vincristine which she has once a month followed by the 5 days of steroid.  She was complaining of leg pains and was very easily defeated by any physical challenges for a few days, but almost as soon as her steroids stop she picks up again and her feisty determination returns.

I cannot believe the summer is nearly over!!!  Harvey goes back to school on Thursday and lots of Mia’s good friends who have already turned 4 will be going to school this year, Mia doesn’t mind that she is staying at nursery (because she loves it) but she will miss her friends that are going to big school!

We have the Bestival coming up in a couple of weeks which we are all looking forward to and we Will also be celebrating Mia’s first anniversary of her treatment, she is a much stronger little girl than she was this time last year and she has shown such courage and bravery in this last year.  However the most important upcoming date will be Mia’s 4th birthday on September 16th……  I must get organised!!  She didn’t have the best of birthdays last year so is definitely expecting a party!

I will update this post with pictures in the next day or so but meanwhile thanks again for all the support XXXx




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  1. Auntie Gemma Says:

    Thanks Shelly! Good to get an update – can’t seem to catch each other this week, can we?

    Guess what? Auntie Gemma is coming to Bestival!!! I can’t wait to see you all and I am so glad not to be missing it.
    I’m sure you would have missed me if I wasn’t there, right?

    Big hugs to Harv and Miss Mia Stillwell – Better get practising your moves ready for the weekend!


  2. sharon kite Says:

    I’m at Pat’s now, good to catch up with mia’s website, our computer is still broken!!
    Lovely photos of your camping adventures, maybe we will get a tent one day!
    Enjoy Bestival and look out for Aunty Laura.
    Only 41 days till our little holiday, can’t wait.
    Lots of love to you all
    Sharon xxxx

  3. sev and ryan Says:

    Michelle ! It`s been a while since I `ve been on Mia`s site and I loved all the pictures and all seems great !

    I was so happy to see beautiful Mia at the swimming pool today , Michelle please email me if you want to talk about the lesson.
    Congratulation to Harvey for being the best pupil ever in the whole world ,and I wish you good luck for this year!
    I wish you all the best
    Lots of love

  4. sev and ryan Says:

    Happy birthday Mia !!!

    Ryan and I send you lots of kisses and hugs

    Lots of love
    Sev and Ryan

  5. Amy MacWatt Says:

    Dear Stillwell Family!Dear MIA!

    It was a privilege and pleasure to visit your home today..
    bearing a few gifts..selected with Love that put such lovely smiles on Mia`s beautiful face.It was truly wonderful to see her looking so well.What an amazing inspiring brave little big girl.
    Our charity will stay in touch with you and will continue to offer our support..please ask..if you need our help.
    Today was one of those days..that showed me,a volunteer/trustee and grants coordinator for Cancer Care Unlimited (inc Caring Cancer trust)..WHY I am working for this a volunteer,why I get tired..stressed out and exhausted.To see MIA SMILE..was reason enough.
    THANK YOU for being an inspiration,Mia!Have a FANTASTIC party on Sunday.
    We are sending you all our VERY best wishes!
    Amy MacWatt
    Ryde,Isle of Wight

    Ryde,Isle of Wight

  6. Martin and Pat (Fishguard) Says:

    Dear Mia,
    Hope you have a lovely party to-day.
    Happy Birthday.
    We like seeing all your news and pictures on your website.
    Lots of love and kisses from Martin and Pat.

  7. debs von hirsch Says:

    happy birthday mia!!!!

    lovely pictures it’s good to see you looking so well!!

    lots of kisses to all the family!!!

    debs,theo,clara and lucas xxxx

  8. Amy MacWatt Says:

    we hope you are happy and doing well…
    i`ll be in touch with your mum to see,if
    you want to come to the shop,to put a few
    pennies in our wishing well,(it`s rather fun!)
    have a go at guessing a Teddies name..
    and..say hello! never know..we may have a lil` something..waiting for you too…

    Kind regards Amy
    (Caring Cancer Trust)

  9. tessa Says:

    Happy New Year to you all. Wishing you lots of love and luck for Mia for the remainder of her treatment……..where has that time gone already ?? Tess and Harry xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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