Your long awaited update is finally here….

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Mia’s blood count took a couple of weeks to recover after her intensive treatment finished and there was a little concern that she may have contracted shingles, however she only had a very tiny patch of spots on her shoulder and with a quick course of anti-viral meds she did not become unwell.  That was way back in mid June, just before Harvey’s sports day, where we watched him come first in his running race and second in his obstacle race.  Then another great achievement for Harvey at the end of June he was chosen by his teacher to recieve pupil of the month award for excellent work and a really positive attitude at school, we were so proud of Harvey because he has always known that he needs to follow the rules at school but he doesn’t always find it easy to do that!!!  Also lets not forget what a disruptive and emotional year we have all had!!!  He was really proud of himself and his achievement which made it even better XXXX  So schools out for the summer (sing that bit!), what are our plans???  Staying well, camping, fishing, beaching, playparks, activities and lots of free time..

I have decided to do a bit of a photo diary to fill you all in on our summer so far, Mia as you will see has been on great form, even steroid week has been fairly smooth!  Most importantly we have only had to go to the hospital for planned appointments, no mad high temperature panic visits ;-}

Photo Diary starts with a Visit to Barton Manor with Grandad Don Don at the end of July.


And now for our camping trip (just 5 miles down the road!) with Auntie Sam, Caleb and Jack.  We had a really lovely week, the weather was very changeable but we were so close to the beach (2 mins) that we were able to make the most of all the sunny moments.  The children loved having each other for company, and it is definately something that we will all do again, despite how tiring it was at times.

And as if Camping wasn’t tiring enough we had our Race for Life event in the middle of our holiday!!!

Mum (Nana) and Gary, and Gemma arrived on Saturday and had a BBQ with us at our campsite.  Gemma stayed with us in the tent whilst Mum and Gary had the comfort of my house…. At 10am on Sunday morning we were in the pink and heading into Newport to complete our 5KM run.  The Run was fun, emotional and a little bit tiring but we all completed it together in 41 minutes and I even carried Mia, our inspiration, for the last 1000 meters.  Thank you to everyone who has sponsored us, we were very proud to raise over a thousand pounds between the four of us. 


 We had a really lovely family lunch before heading off in our different directions again, with most of us back to a tent!  Mum was off to France and Gemma had to head back to London but it was a fantastic weekend.  

On 30th July we packed up our tent and headed for home.  Mia had had her Vincristine and started on her steroids and was obviously washed out with all the activities during our holiday so we really did very little other than watch TV for the next few days.  Harvey went to stay with Sam, Dan, Caleb and Jack and did a summer Tennis club with the boys in Hove Park which he loved and we went and picked him up last Wednesday and rolled in a 3 night stay at Grandmas which was really nice and relaxing. 

On our return from Grandma’s we decided that it was time to harvest our crops!  We have had a veggie patch in the garden this year and everything was ready for eating.  Harvey and Mia went from bickering and whinging to having a ball pulling up leeks, spring onions, onions, potatoes and cutting down sweetcorn plants.  Our lunch was homemade leek and potato soup.. Mia’s favourite and for tea we had a BBQ of chicken and vegetable kebabs, sweetcorn and frech couscous salad, YUM.

And finally, big news:

Harvey is 8 years old today …. His presents included lots of money from grandparents and friends, an Xbox, a new bike, some lego and lots of, rugbyball and basketball.  He’s had a friend over for the day and we have been out for lunch and to Magic Island (softplay). 


Mia’s bloods were good on Monday and she continues on her daily chemotherapy tablet, all being well we are looking forward to another camping trip on the Isle of Wight, this time near Sandown from Monday to Friday next week with Sam, James, Herny and Bella. 

I promise not to leave it so long before the next update, thank you for checking in XXXXXXXXX

Long time comin….

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

I am so sorry not to have updated for such a long time, it is purely due to everyone here being active and well!!!  I have so many photos to trawl through and lots of news to share so i will be back tonight writing about our last 5 weeks.  I Promise ;-}