Only 4 days back at home and now another infection

On Monday we were discharged home with IV antibiotics to continue once daily until Mia’s neutrophils had recovered to 0.5, this meant that her treatment was delayed for the week because she was not well enough to start the next cycle of chemotherapy.  She was happy to be back home and thoroughly enjoyed our first proper swimsuits on the beach day this year on Tuesday. 

 We collected Harvey from school and headed straight for a very quiet beach at Springvale where the two of them had a great time running and splashing in the warm shallow water.

We also had our first BBQ of the year in the evening, it was a really good day.


On Wednesday Mia and I enjoyed another afternoon on the beach this time with Sam, Henry and Bella because Harvey had to go to swimming lessons.  It was great for Mia to catch up with Henry and Bella because she hasn’t seen them for a few weeks and she was full of beans running around on the sand and making sand ice creams with Henry.  We headed of to Puckpool for a real ice cream and a quick play at the park before tea aswell, another great day.

Thursday and it was back to nursery for Mia, she was raring to go and had a great morning.  On returning from nursery I took her daily blood sample and administered her IV antibiotics and we were just getting ready for another trip to the beach when Mia sundenly became very grumpy and poorly looking.  A quick temperature check confirmed that she was not well her temp was 38.2 and she was shivering and irritable, so it was straight back to St Marys for us!  It was a particularly woprrying journey because I knew it must be some sort of infection from her central line because she had been fine until I used it and I could sense from the way she was that Mia was becoming very poorly and quickly!  In fact by the time we got to the hospital her temp was 39.5!  So here we are again having IV antibiotics in St Marys and probably looking at another weeks delay on her chemotherapy.  It is Scotts birthday on Sunday so I have everything crossed that the antibiotics work their magic quickly and we are home with him and Harvey soon.  XXXXX

You will have noticed from the pictures that Mia’s beautiful new hair is all gone again, we did expect this and as ever Mia is totally cool about it and she knows that when it comes back this time she shouldn’t lose it again.

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  1. sev and ryan Says:

    Dear everybody ,

    We love those pictures, Mia is looking so radiant ,
    a very happy birthday to Scott ,have a great day everybody !
    Lots of love
    Sev and Ryan

  2. tracey docherty Says:

    hi mia, i hope you start to feel better real soon looks like you had great fun on the beach  splashing in the water, and you look just as beautiful without hair has you do with hair, happy birthday to scott for sunday and i hope you are home soon love tracey xxx

  3. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,

    I just talked to your Daddy and wished him “Happy Birthday”; he said you were getting better again and the nasty infection was under control again, so that was good news. He also told me that this was the last intensive treatment and that is why you will grow new hair and it will not fall out, that makes me feel better too, but in any case you are always beautiful!

    Love you so much little one,


  4. Kim Read Says:

    Hope you are soon feeling better Mia, nasty infections! It looked like you had lots of fun on the beach with your family and friends. Lets hope the sun keeps shining so you can get back out there again when you are out of hospital. Love to mummy and all, love Kim xx

  5. Auntie Gemma Says:

    Mia Mia Mia – massive squeezes from me. Give Harv a big kiss from me too – he never lets me do it myself anymore.
    Hope you don’t have to have any more long stays in the hospital for a while – I bet it was exhausting and totally boring, all at once, wasn’t it?!
    Love you lots, Auntie Gemma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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