No more delays..

Another delayed update…sorry!  But no further delay on treatment!  Mia continued on her antibiotics in Hospital until Tuesday moring when we were discharged with antibiotics to continue at home for  further 3 or 4 days depending on her neutrophil count.  So back at home we got back into routine thinking tht her count would not be good enough till next week to restart her chemo, however neutrophils on Thursday were 6 and the doctors over on Piam Brown felt that bcause they were rising it was fair to assume that by Friday they would be up to 7 which would mean she could have her Cyclophosphomide and Cytarabin.  So at 6pm on Thursday I hastily got on the phone to book a ferry on what would be one of the busiest days of the year due to the Isle of Wight Festival, we were very lucky and managed to secure our return journey for Friday.  We were on the ferry by 7.30 and after a long day on Piam Brown getting 3 different chemotherapy drugs we were back on the ferry by 6pm with lots of Festival goers. Mia was a superstar all day, I was so pleased thatwe got through such a long day without any tears or tantrums, she really does “pull it out of the bag” when needed… love her. 

We were due to go and see Auntie Sam, Dan, Caleb and Jack this weekend for Jacks birthday party but Mia is having chemotherapy (Cytarabine) daily and is still neutropenic so travelling was not a good idea.  However, the weekend is a beautiful one and we are enjoying the sunny days.


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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,

    I heard you got the lovely pink Princess bike with a seat for baby doll on the back and tassels on the handlebars, very cool! Now you can really enjoy riding along the sea-front with Harvey.

    Love you loads,


  2. Stuart hopkins Says:

    Everytime I read your site Mia I’m always overcome at the days you have, the hard ones and the very happy cheeky your grandma says you have that pink bike,well you must of been every so be carefull now on your bike chasing Harvey.
    Be good
    Stu x

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