Daddy’s Birthday and the Bike…

Scott (Daddy) had his birthday on 7th June and because Mia was still in hospital at the time I completely forgot to write it in her diary… It was an important birthday for Mia (not Scott :-) ) because she had completed her challenge of doing all her Poo’s on the toilet or potty and that of course meant that she would get her pink bike! 

During our day release from St Mary’s the day before Scott’s Birthday Harvey, Mia and I baked a chocolate cake, we had to leave Harvey in charge of decorating because we didn’t have enough time before going back to the Hospital, he did a very good job.  

On Scott’s birthday, Mia and I were allowed out by 11am, we arrived home to find that Harvey had made a banner and Scott had only just got up  (An excellent birthday present)! 

Our friends Amy and Matt, Maisie and Evie visited and bought all of the supplies for homemade burgers which we cooked on the BBQ.  Mia was still having temperatures and was on antibiotics 4 times a day so after a quick birthday tea we had to head back to the hospital for the night.

Mia was discharged on the Tuesday of that week but there was still no opportunity to go and buy her bike because she restarted her chemotherapy on Friday and it was just a very busy time but the following Tuesday we went and we bought !!!!  It is pink, has tassels and has a baby seat that fits on the back… Mia loves it!!!!

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