May Bank Holiday Weekend

With neutrophils now at 0.2 Mia was still not fit for her intensive treatment so we had a long bank holiday weekend to look forward to. 

Scott has been doing lots of gardening and we are now the proud owners of a sweetcorn patch and lots of tubs growing lettuces, onions, tomatoes, beans and courgettes.  Harvey and Mia have enjoyed planting and watering over the last couple of weeks but the biggest joy comes from finding insects and grubs!  On Friday afternoon Scott found 2 slow worms which was the best discovery yet…


On Saturday afternoon after a bit of dressing up and some gardening Harvey and Mia chose to have a trip to Peter Pans.  It’s a mini amusement park on Ryde Seafront, for £5 each they had free access and they went on electric boats (6 times!), a helter skelter, a train ride, carousel and finished it off with a go on the trampolines.  The weather continued to be brilliant here on the Isle of Wight and we also met up with Sam, James, Henry and Bella so it was a really nice afternoon.


Sunday brought us lots of visitors… Bede, Julia, Ruby and Oscar arrived at 10.30 armed with croissants and a mini bouncy castle and then at 11.30 Nana and Gary arrived to spend a beautiful sunny day on the Isle of Wight.  We spent much of the day in the garden enjoying the sunshine but we did make a trip to Brading Down in the afternoon to soak up some views and a Minghella’s ice cream.





On Monday the weather was not so good and after a very chilly trip to a car boot sale we headed to a pub for some lunch!  In the afternoon Harvey had a major achievement, he cycled his bike for the first time solo and without stabilisers.  He was very determined and was definitely ready to succeed because it took less that 5 minutes for him to be balanced and peddling like mad, he was so chuffed and Scott, Mia and I were almost as excited as him!  Mia also had a go on Harvey’s old bike (with stabilisers) she mastered it very quickly and was equally as determined as Harvey to go it alone, however a the slightest incline she needed a push to keep her moving forwards.  It was a great weekend with some very proud moments XXXX

And to top it all off neutrophils are 1 and all systems are go for Mia to recommence her treatment… we were Southampton bound at 6.45am on Tuesday.

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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hello again,

    Great pics, I love the look on your face Mia when you saw your first slow worm……. not quite sure about it were you? What an exciting weekend, you and Harvey both learned to ride bikes, wonderful!

    Loads of love,

    Grandma XXXXXXXXX

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