Long time and no update… sorry!

It has truly been a very hectic couple of weeks since I last wrote Mia’s diary, I have attempted to write on a number of occassions and have been hindered by regular requests for my culinary delights, loss of our broadband connection, Mia waking up in the evenings and just this week with it being Half Term I have been out cycling with Harvey each evening (or watching Britain’s got Talent!) 

Mia is doing very well and we have managed to avoid any infections so far during this intensification so I am feeling very positive about that.  The 2nd week of her steroids was a struggle, not particularly due to mood because Mia was a bit more somber and stoic than stroppy this time but her sleep pattern is just so irratic!  She has also been incredibly weak again and has not been attending nursery or wanting to go out at all, i’m not sure who is getting more bored but Mia is able to recite pretty much every episode of Peppa Pig and our SKY + is maxed out with childrens TV recordings.

Right on cue, she has just woken for a snack and alot of restless fussing!  She has been suffering with back pain and joint pain which I think causes the restlessness infact last night I ended up taking her into St Marys Hospital for some morphine because she became very distressed with thigh pain and paracetamol and codine had not done much to alleviate the discomfort.  Mia has also got very chubby again and gained 2 kgs during the last week!  Steroid food fads this time included homemade soup (Asparagus or leek and potato) chicken noodle packet soup, marmite, rollmops, crisps and mini sausages (Marks and Spencer ones :-) ). 

Mia has been back to nursery yesterday and today after more than a week of not feeling up to it so she is obviously feeling a bit stronger.  She has a break from her treatment until Tuesday so we will be making the most of it,  we are looking forward to a more settled weekend and are hoping to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. 

We do have some fantastic news though… Mia is now using the toilet for her poo’s.. HOORAY  This is such a massive break through because ever since potty training at aged 2 Mia has struggled with constipation and developed a huge aversion to sitting on the loo for a poo, this week she just seemed to decide that it was time she was “a big girl” and with lots of encouragement she has succeeded.  It is gonna cost us though she wants a pink bike with a basket on the front so we struck a deal with her that if she continues to use the toilet until Daddy’s birthday (6th June) then we will buy her the pink bike. 

I will have to sign off for now because Mia is awake again!  But i will add pictures and more news as soon as possible XXXXXXXXX

Here is Mia riding on Harvey’s old rusty red bike with Harvey and Scott spectating…

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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hello All,

    Mia. you have been so good and so brave again, even though the medicine made you hurt so much you still got past another hurdle, the dreaded loo !! Well done and if you can keep it up until Daddy’s birthday you will definitely have earned that beautiful pink bike.

    Scott, I hope you did not fall asleep in the cinema with Harvey and friend the other day, or maybe I should hope you did, I would think that for all of you even cat-naps are welcome right now.

    Harvey, Dad says you are doing really well at school and coming up with good suggestions to help solve the traffic and parking problems at your school….impressive stuff !

    Shell, I read all the positive comments that people make about how well you deal with everything and they are absolutely right, you are superwoman, cool mum, and great cook rolled into one !

    I feel so lucky to have a family like you,

    Mega love all round,


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