Auntie Gemma’s Visit

Gemma visited for 3 days last week and Mia’s blood levels were still to low to start her treatment so she got to enjoy another week at home.  Gemma and I took Harvey and Mia to the arcade, something which Harvey will always list as one of his favourite places to go.  We didn’t win any pennies that didn’t get put straight back in the slot machines but the kids really enjoyed themselves.  On Tuesday when Mia was in nursery Scott and I took Gemma to a 2nd hand bike shop where she got a very dusty/grubby bike for just £20 and over the afternoon Scott turned it into a very sleek and clean bicycle with the help of a couple of new wheels and lots of scrubbing and oiling.  It was a really exciting project and Mia and Harvey insisted that they needed bikes cleaning too!!! (more news to follow)

On tuesday afternoon I gave blood for the first time in 7 years and I will do it again every 4 months from now on, it was easy and relatively painless.  It was great that Mia saw lots of people donating blood and we talked about how important it is that people do this for children like her who need to be given blood to help them get better.  Because Mia has recieved blood transfusions and knowing how much difference donated blood can make to a person with a life threatening illness, I felt very proud of myself for being able to make that differnece for another person.  Please find out more about becoming a blood donor.

On Wednesday Gemma and I took Mia out to lunch and to a play park where we enjoyed the sunshine and the swings!




Mia continued to be well, and her blood results on Thursday showed some improvement with neutrophils of 0.2, not good enough yet but definately on the up!

6 Responses to “Auntie Gemma’s Visit”

  1. Grandma Says:

    I hear the next intensive treatment has begun and is going well so the missing neutrophils must have come back just enough.

    Looks like you had a good time with Auntie Gemma as always, everyone should have one! Well done with the bike Scott, you were always tops at that stuff.

    Shell, do blood donors still get a cup of tea and a biscuit these days? Another “well done” for you.

    Mega love,

    Grandma XXXXXXX

  2. Anne Martin Says:

    So good to see you laughing

    Lots of Love

  3. mia Says:

    Yes Grandma, cup of tea and Hula Hoops for me! MichelleX

  4. Aunte Gemma Says:

    I love my bike – thank you so much Scotty, you are the bestest! I literally won’t go anywhere without it.

    It was so lovely to be down on the island and hanging out with the family. Chilling out in the playpark, Harvey showing off his front flips on the trampoline – good times! Miss you all when I am in London.

    I’ll try and get over my fears Shell and start giving blood (it’s just a small owee afterall!) – I’ll keep you posted.
    Big love to all,
    Auntie Gemma xxx

  5. Vicki Hunter Says:

    Website is fantastic Michelle & Mia(&family). What a brilliant thing to do. It was great to talk to you on Tuesday. Things have moved on a bit with William since. I hope you weren’t too late before you were able to get home. Would be good to keep in touch. Will hopefully talk on facebook/email & maybe swap numbers there. Love Vicki & william xxx

  6. uncle dan Says:

    Hello Mia! how are you? i hope your treatments have been going well. It has been so long since i’ve seen you and the family. Have you all been enjoying some sunshine over the long wknd? i hope you feel well mia. I miss you lots and promise to come and visit you soon! big kisses and hugs! all my love uncle dan xxxxx

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