What bee’s make milk?

It has been half term here so we have all been very busy!   We have had a few beach days, lots of scooting, play park visits, swimming and Harvey and Scott have had their first fishing trip of the year (no catch). 

Mia’s nursery stays open during school holidays so she has still been going in and has been involved in lots of Easter activities.  On Thursday last week she made Hot Cross Buns and Hellena one of her teachers taught her an Easter joke:  What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?  Hot Cross Bunnies.  Mia responded by sharing her own favourite joke, What bee’s make milk?  Boobies.  She had to retell it to all the staff who thought it was a very good joke, I had to confess when I collected her that it was actually one of Harvey’s jokes, but one that I love because it reminds small children what boobies are for whilst making them laugh. 

Mia’s blood levels had dropped quite alot on Thursday and she was neutropenic again, however by Monday her neutrophils were back up to 1.7 so it was only a quick dip and she didn’t become unwell over Easter weekend which was great.  The Easter bunny visited and Harvey and Mia spent most of the day eating chocolate, painting eggs and making Easter biscuits… then we went out for a scoot along the seafront (again)! 

On Monday the weather was beautiful and we went out to Robin Hill Country Park for the day, it was the first time we had visited since the Bestival in September last year which is when we realised that something was not quite right with Mia and she was subsequently diagnosed on the Tuesday after!  We went with Sam, James Henry and Bella and had a fantastic day out.  Scott remembered to bring some more chocolate eggs so we had a good giggle throwing eggs down a big hill and getting the kids to catch them at the bottom. 

Tomorrow we are off to Chessington for the weekend, meeting up with friends from Wales, saying in a hotel for 2 nights and going to Chessington World of Adventures….  We are very excited!

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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hello again,

    What a lovely Easter you’ve had and it’s not over yet with Chessington to look forward to, but I guess you had enough chocolate for a while (if that is possible)!

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday just as much,

    Love you loads,

    Grandma XXXXXXX

  2. Anne Martin Says:

    Nana is being a dougnut!!!! thought it was strange that your mummy hadm’t up dated your diary-just thought she had been too busy-Nana was looking in the wrong month, how silly!!!!

    Anyway it was a lovely surpise to log in today and read all about your adventures, made my morning and you look so well can’t wait to see you

    Lots of Love

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