Still no neutrophils!

Mia’s blood results from yesterday revealed that she still has no neutrophils (0.0) so she will not be starting her intensification this week!  We will recheck her levels again on Thursday and hopefully her treatment will be able to go ahead next week.  The delay is a little bitter sweet because on the one hand she is well so we are enjoying a bit of normal time but on the other hand we are all anxious for her neutrophils to come up so that she doesn’t become unwell and we can get his next block of treatment underway. 

Auntie Gemma is staying with us for a few days this week and Mia and Harvey have made lots of plans for activities including making cakes, going to the arcade, trampolining etc so we will definately keep busy. 


4 Responses to “Still no neutrophils!”

  1. Grandma Says:


    Have a lovely time with Auntie Gemma…..I’ll keep everything crossed for the neutrophils to appear so that you can keep the “bugs” at bay !

    Love you all loads,


  2. hayley Says:

    Hoping those neutrophils come up and infections stay away. sending loads of love xx

  3. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Michelle

    Keep those positive vibes going don’t let the anxieties stop you enjoying the good times you are all having, have lot’s of fun and enjoy-thinking of you all.

    Harvey and Mia, keep that Auntie Gemma busy she’s always quirky and good fun to have around and will be enjoying being with you this week.

    Lots of Love
    Mum (Nana)

  4. sev and ryan Says:

    Dear all , yeah , about the neutroblahblah , good idea to eat cakes and go on the trampoline , that will wake them up .
    Have a great time with the Auntie everybody !!!
    Speak to you soon .

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