Another Week Goes By…

I can’t believe that another week has passed, time is flying and I’m sure it is because Mia is so well and the focus has been on normal daily routines.  Mia is enjoying nursery (as always), she has been to a swimming lesson this week, we’ve been to playgroup and we have spent many hours out enjoying the early summer sunshine.  It has been a really good week!!  Mia has been sleeping so well over the last few weeks and is beginning to play by herself again which is such a good sign, we have noticed that when she is not feeling well she needs constant adult attention and feels too unsettled to “potter” around by herself.  This morning when I was getting dressed I could hear Mia in her room playing with her dolls and flinging “Flying Froggies” around, she was giggling and chatting and it felt so good to hear.  It has been so rare to get these moments since Mia was diagnosed with Leukaemia because each time she builds up her confidence again she seems to get unwell or starts more treatment which sets her back, I will relish it over the next few weeks because once again when her next intensification begins on April 21st she will most likely become clingy.

I promised some scootering pictures before we went on our holiday and have gone one better with a (click to see) mini movie.  The story behind the scooter is that Nana (my Mum) bought Mia her Mini Micro Scooter for her 3rd birthday but she was in Southampton Hospital having just been diagnosed so we were going to give it to her when we got home little did we realise that the initial treatment would make her so weak, she was not walking for over a month and I thought it would be a very long time before she would be out scooting with Harv.  However on New Years day when we went out for a walk Harvey decided to take his scooter and Mia asked if we could get her one, she was amazed when I went out to the shed and returned with a brand new pink scooter, just like Harvey’s.  We went out and Mia struggled to co-ordinate herself and got quite frustrated that she was too weak to really get the hang of it, after a few months rest in the shed again the scooter made a reappearance at the end of February and this time Mia loved it and really got the hang of speeding along.  It is now her most favourite past time and Harvey and her will often be speeding up and down the path on our road or scooting the 1mile of seafront in Ryde.

5 Responses to “Another Week Goes By…”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,

    I just watched the mini-movie of you on your mini-scooter, it looks like you were having a lot of fun and getting pretty good at it too, I gave you a 5 star rating. (Not least for the giggles at the end !)

    Lots of Love


  2. Gemma Says:

    So great to read things going so well Shelly.
    I’ve got two weeks off and a journey down to the fair Isle of Wight is definitely on the cards. I can’t wait to give you a big hug.
    Much love, Gemma xxxx

  3. Anne Martin Says:

    Fabulous scooting, lovely to hear you and mummy giggling-showed all the girls at work the movie they loved it.

    Lots of love

  4. sev and ryan Says:

    We watched that film of Mia on the scooter , we love it ,
    so funny !!!
    The picture of Harvey and Mia , the last one , in a great one .

    We think about you all , lots of love ,

    Sev and Ryan.

  5. Evelyn Says:

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