A weekend at Chessington and Delayed intensification number 2 is delayed!

Hello all,

We had a fab time at Chessington this weekend, the weather was really good to us and all the children were really well behaved so the whole weekend went really smoothly.  We travelled at lunch time on Friday and met up with Sharon and Philip, and their children Daniel and Maisie at the Holiday Inn Hotel where we had excellent rooms opposite each other and right at the end of a corridor (which became a race track for the kids!).  The hotel is excellent, it has a large bar (always important) a restaurant and most importantly a swimming pool.  We went for a swim before having diner in the restaurant then by 10pm we were all tucked up in our beds excited about our trip to the Chessington World of Adventures on Saturday.  The children all slept well and after another quick swim in the morning we set off for a busy day riding roller-coasters and eating junk.  Auntie Gemma and Daniel and Maisies Auntie Laura and boyfriend Sam added to the excitement by joining us for our funfilled day out.  Mia’s favourite ride was Berry Bouncers and Bubble Works and Harvey loved the Dragons Fury (spinning roller-coaster) he is a complete dare devil.  Everybody got to go on everything they wanted to and at 5.55 (the park closed at 6pm) Harvey came up with the idea of a last minute trip into the Sealife enclosure which ended the day really well, it was a  good exhibition in a very calming environment which made it the perfect way to end a busy day.  We returned to the hotel for diner on the terrace and were once again all in bed by 9pm after such a long and exciting day.  On Sunday morning there was time for one last swim before checking out andheading for home.  It was so lovely to spend time in the pool where the children were all very happy, Mia even managed to master a forward and backwards roll in the shallow water which is pretty impressive for a 3 and a 1/2 year old and she was really pleased with herself.

On Monday Mia’s blood results shocked us all because despite nearly a week off of her maintenance chemotherapy in preparation for her 2nd delayed intensification treatment she had once again become neutropenic (0.5).  Her treatment was therefor  postponed till Friday but her blood results today were worse, her neutrophils are down to 0.1!  The plan is to re-check her bloods on Monday with a view to commencing the delayed intensification treatment on Tuesday so we are hoping that her bone marrow gets producing some neutrophils over the weekend and she doesn’t get an infection.  Despite her blood results Mia continues to look really well …

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  1. Grandma Says:


    What a perfect end to the Easter holiday break with everything working out just the way it should…..lovely! The last time I went to Chessington with my friend Tracy, that Dragon ride that Harvey enjoyed so much had only just been installed and she and I had gone there without children to check it out to see if it was suitable for very young ones !!. Well that was our excuse and we had a great day out, it sounds as if it is even better now.

    Sorry to hear about the “Neutros” misbehaving, keeping everything crossed this weekend for you,

    Mega love,

    Grandma XXXXXXX

  2. Annie Souter Says:

    Thanks Michele and Scottie for letting us know how Mia is doing.
    We are thinking of you all the time and look forward to get some more news.

    Much, much love
    Annie, Bob and Florence xxxx

  3. Anne Martin Says:

    Can’t wait to see the pictures, sound like you all had a fun weekend.

    Lots of Love Nana

  4. Valerie Says:

    Good words.

  5. Sharon Kite Says:

    Hello Mia,
    We really enjoyed the weekend with you all, Daniel and Maisie had great fun. Hopefully we will see you soon.
    Lots of love and hugs

  6. Mark Edgson Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the weekend, hope you pick up to get on with the treatment, keep smiling

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