Why, Charlie Brown, Why?

On Tuesday night I was catching up with our “online friends” and read on Bianca’s mums blog about a Peanuts special produced in 1990 by Charles Schulz to tell the story of a little girl who has Leukaemia.  I followed the links to youtube and spent 20 minutes watching the Charlie Brown cartoon, I loved it!!!  Mia and Harvey watched it as soon as they got up on Wednesday morning and they loved it!!!  Mia has watched it 4 times already including first thing this morning.  It really is a great way of sharing the ups and downs of Leukaemia with young children, but more than that because most of us adults remember watching/reading Peanuts during childhood it will reach out to us too!  I have been on Amazon Uk and have ordered a book of the story and the video for the grand price of £5… Money well spent.

So go and get a drink (coffee,tea,wine,juice whatever), grab the kids, turn up the sound on the computer and enjoy!  It will probably provoke discussion with your children but all the answers to their questions will be in the cartoon… Mia wanted to know why we didn’t get enough snow to go sledging?  Harvey asked if Charlie Brown had cancer too because he only has a tuft of hair?  Please leave a comment to let me know what you thought and especially what your children thought of it… Thank You XX

Why, Charlie Brown, Why? Part 1

Why, Charlie Brown, Why? Part 2

Why, Charlie Brown, Why? Part 3

4 Responses to “Why, Charlie Brown, Why?”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    The Charlie Brown video is brilliant….good find.



  2. Lea White Says:

    I’m so glad you liked to too! I thought it was so well done!

    I hope all is well on your side.

  3. mel and co Says:

    What a fantastic Video. I loved it.

    Lots of Love

    Mel, Shaun and Kiddies.


  4. Dawn Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I’ve never seen these videos. Thanks for flagging them up. Hope you have a good break.

    Dawn, Mark and Catherine x

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