Just one night till our holiday…

I have been anxious all week !!!  We are going away tomorrow for 4 days to a beautiful house in Somerset, but at the beginningof the week I began to worry that it might never happen.  On Monday Mia’s blood levels had dropped dramatically from last week and her neutrophils were just 1.2, by Thursday they had gone down to 0.7 and if she had continued to drop at that rate we would be expecting a hospital admission with an opportunist infection NOT a nice week away with friends!  So on Thursday when I knew her results I spoke to Mia’s oncology link nurse in Southampton asking her if she could find Dr Jan and ask (beg!) her to either reduce the dose of Mia’s Mercaptopurine (daily chemo) or even stop it all together for a few days so that her neutrophils could recover a little to ensure that we managed to get away!  It was a big ask but the doctors agreed that it was a very reasonable request and Mia stopped her Mercaptopurine on Thursday, I will take her bloods again in the morning (Mon) and the community nurses Will collect them and get them processed while we head off to Somerset and they will call me with a plan to restart her chemo either at half or full dose depending on the results.  So after 3 nights of anxiety, hoping that Mia did not develop an infection I just have to get through tonight and then we will get our break!!!  Fingers crossed all the way XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

PS.  Today was a beautiful day and we spent it scootering along the seafront in Ryde, Mia has mastered her scooter and managed about 2 miles on it!  I will add a picture when I return from our little holiday.

6 Responses to “Just one night till our holiday…”

  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Have a great week Michelle, enjoy and relax love you all loads


  2. Gemma Says:

    Great news. Have an amazing time on your hols!
    Love to you all,
    Auntie Gemma xxx

  3. clare Says:

    Hope you have chance to relax a bit !
    have a good time ,take care
    Clare and co

  4. annie and flo and bob Says:

    Dear Michele and Scottie,
    Hope your week-end is a good week-end and little Mia is better.

    Always thinking of you all,
    much love

    A big kiss to Harvey and Mia

    Annie and Flo

  5. Lucy Says:

    Hey guys I have heard all about your lovely holiday from the crew next door and just wanted to say how pleased I was to know that Mia was ok for the week – I was thinking about you lots! Hope there are some pictures for us to see – the Mill sounds beautiful. So glad you had a lovely time – and what gorgeous weather you had too! Brilliant!

    Love, Lucy, Will (who is full of it!) and Florence (who is teething aaargh!!)

  6. Annie Souter Says:

    Dear big and little Stilwells,

    So please to hear that you had a good holiday and Mia was o.k.

    Always thinking of you,

    Much, much love

    Annie, Bob and Flo

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