Play Parks and Pizza!

I can’t believe we are already in March, it’s actually really exciting because the Isle of Wight is such a great place to live when the weather is good.  We have already spent a good 10 hours over the last couple of weeks going for walks along the Seafront, stopping at play parks as we go. 

Last Sunday we headed out with Amy, Maisie and Evie at lunch time and didn’t get home till 8pm following a long beach front walk and a visit to Bembridge Bakery where the children made us Pizza’s for tea.

Mia has settled again after her 5 days of steroids and she is on fantastic form today.  We are heading to my Dad’s 60th Salsa Bash tomorrow evening although Mia and Harvey will just be having a sleep in a hotel with my Mum as their babysitter!  I couldn’t have left them behind with anyone on the Island because we never know when Mia might become unwell so they will be staying just 5 mins down the road from the party!!!

We have also booked a midweek break with friends at a beautiful House in Somerset that has an indoor pool whoo!!  It is going to be so nice to get some quality time together and with great friends, I think I am more excited than the kids, although Mia asks every morning if we are going to our “special House” today?

Mia and I went swimming on Tuesday for the first time since Nov/dec last year (to get some practice before our holiday), she did brilliantly, swimming upto5 metres with very little help and with such confidence Bless her.

Nursery is going well for Mia at the moment and we are definitely enjoying a more relaxed pace following the daily changes during the intensification.

Thanks for checking in, I will try not to leave it so long before the next update XXXXX

6 Responses to “Play Parks and Pizza!”

  1. clare Says:

    Great to see you the other day glad you had a good week. bet your pizzas were yummy !!
    take care
    clare and co

  2. Mark Edgson Says:

    Nice to hear your doing well Mia, keep it up.

  3. Grandma Says:

    Hello All,
    So good to hear that Spring is just around the corner on the Island, it always did happen there earlier than anywhere else.
    Happy Birthday John, hope it was a good bash!
    The picture of Mia on her Great Grandad’s bench on the seafront was very poignant for me, he was my Father-in-law and Scott’s funny, delightful Grandad of whom we all have such lovely memories, he would have loved to have seen that.
    Have a great break, that sounds like a fantastic house, indoor swimming pool too? One of Mia’s favourite things to do, and friends to share it with, Wow!!
    Love you all loads,


  4. Sharon Kite Says:

    Hello all,
    Hope you had a fun weekend. We are keeping our fingers crossed for next week – I still don’t know what I’m working.
    It looks like you’ve been having a lovely time enjoying the springtime,
    I’ll be in touch soon
    Love to you all
    Sharon x

  5. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Michelle

    Glad you all enjoyed Dad’s party sounds like it went really well and Dan raved about the cupcakes you took, the children were extremely good for me , Harvey especially who was an absolute star!!! Mia was good too, no crying she just missed her Mum but managed to go to sleep with lots of cuddles from Nana and on the promise of you arriving shortly -amazing what a few white lies & a cuddle can do!!!

    You all sound very excited about your spring break-keeping everything crossed that the weather stays good and Mia stays in good health and on as good form as she was at the weekend.

    Lots of Love

  6. sev and ryan Says:

    How was the pool Michelle ? Did the children had fun ?

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