Holiday Lowdown

We have been back from our holiday for over a week and all is well but I have been so busy spring cleaning that I haven’t found the time to update Mia’s Diary!  (Our house is very tidy though :-) )

Our holiday was fantastic, the Old Mill that we stayed in was beautiful, the swimming pool and gardens were perfect and the children and us adults had a really good time.  We visited Wookey Hole Caves which was very interesting and the children enjoyed making paper, playing old slot machines and crazy golf.  We also visited Brean beach and climbed a winding path up the cliffs for a fantastic view of the coast.  Basically it was very busy but also very restful and Mia being well was just the icing on the cake, her favourite bit about the holiday was definately the swimming pool, she really is a brilliant little swimmer despite not being able to go much over the last 6 months.

Since our return Mia has remained well, lots of people have said that they haven’t seen her looking so bright for a long time so the break obviously did her the world of good.  Her hair is also growing back and she has been nicknamed “the family cat” because we just have to keep stroking her!  This week she had her Vincristine (chemo) on Thursday and 5 days of steroids which is almost over and she has coped really well, without to many tantrums.   

I will leave you now with lots of holiday snaps and I promise to write again soon XXXX

6 Responses to “Holiday Lowdown”

  1. hayley x Says:

    You do look amazing, looks like lots of fun, I am so glad you all got to enjoy a break. even better to hear the steroids weren’t to bad this time. we have Karls staring tomorrow but he had a better time with them last time. Loads of love the Page family xx

  2. Grandma Says:

    Hello All

    Great new happy pics, thanks for making my day! Looks like a great place to unwind and have fun and you all did. Good swimming Mia !!

    Your Dad just told me that he took you and Harvey to the cinema to see the new 3D film Monsters and Aliens and you managed to last 40 minutes before the sweets ran out. Mummy had to come and get you so that Harvey could stay to the end of the film.I’m sure you enjoyed it a lot but it was just a bit too long for you………seen one Monster……seen ‘em all, that kind of thing eh?

    Glad the grumpy stuff is not quite so bad this time,

    Loads of Love,

    Grandma XXXXXXXXXX

  3. Lucy Says:

    Fab pictures! You look like you all had a really great time – so pleased! Maybe see you over the Easter Hols….. xx

  4. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    Just love the last picture, you really are a real water baby, and so cute and cheeky with it-looking fantastically well-so pleased you all had such a great time-looking forward to seeing you and Harvey soon

    Lots of love Nana

  5. Ali Dooley Says:

    Looks like a wonderful holiday! And doesn’t Mia look beautiful. I’ve been getting regular updates from Tracey but finally got a chance to check out your brilliant diary Michelle.
    Lots of love to all of you,
    Ali, Brian, Esther & Greta xxx

  6. Mark Edgson Says:

    We want to go, looks good hope you had a good time.

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