Grandad is 60.

On Saturday we all travelled to High Wycombe for my Dad’s (Mia’s Grandad) 60th birthday.  Mia and Harvey had some fun running races on the ferry then got to see all their Aunts and Uncles before settling down for a night in a hotel with Nana babysitting, whilst the rest of us went out to dance Salsa! 


It was a really nice evening, Dad had a brilliant time dancing all evening, it was really nice to meet some of Dad’s friends and to spend time with my brother and sisters and their partners, we also got to see a few old friends and do some reminiscing.  Dad had a birthday collection for CLIC Sargent and raised over £240, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who came and donated XXX 

Also a massive thank you to Mum (Nana) who travelled 40 mins each way to babysit and managed to get 2 very excited children settled to sleep without any problems…. this was the first time that Scott and I have had a night out since August!!!

On Sunday we took Harvey and Mia to the play park on the Rye, which my Mum and Dad took me to when I was little, it’s much better now!  Sam and I enjoyed telling the children the story about me falling in the river Wye when I was about 5 years old, Mia loved the fact that I fell because I was sucking my thumb and looking behind me!

We then had a really nice family lunch before heading home… very tired. 





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  1. Anne Martin Says:

    So pleased you all had a good time with your Dad-sounds like a great do, can’t wait to see the piccies!!!!

    The babysitting was a breeze (famous last words could be different next time!!!)

    That was a classic Michelle, the falling in the Rye episode!!!!-and do you remember you ended up wearing most of Alistairs clothes and Ruth made Alistair walk home in his underwear-he was not so impressed!!!

    Good to sometimes take a trip down memory lane, there were lots of very good times when you were all little we really had some fun.

    Lots of Love

  2. Gin King Says:

    Hello- hey you were just around the corner from us!!!
    Charlotte loves the park at the Rye too, especially the new wooden bit… so much fun! Glad you had a good time and if you are in the area again Let me know would be great to meet up… I have a feeling that Mia and Charlotte would get on just fine!!!

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