Treatment Day brings more snow…

When Mia and I awoke in our hotel room (not so posh!) on Tuesday morning we looked out the window and discovered about 2 inches of snow… Very exciting, but it was still snowing and we had to drive about 10 miles to the hospital!!!  We took our time and arrived safely, it was beautiful and white everywhere so Mia had a quick play before going in to get her treatment.


Outdoor playtime over, we arrived on the ward and Mia was seen by the doctor then we had a 2 hour wait till it was her turn to go into the anaesthetic room for her Lumbar Puncture so we got busy with Karon the play specialist and made a fantastic handbag!  It took all day for the glue to dry because Mia used so much.


After her Lumbar puncture Mia had her Cytarabin into her baby snake (central line) and then had to be plugged into Robbie Robot for her IV fluids which need to be given before and after her other chemotherapy drug Cyclophosphomide, we ate some lunch and awaited the arrival of Auntie Gemma who was going to come and meet us at the hospital and then come home with us for a few days.  It was an easy wait because there were other patients that we knew on dayward so I did lots of gossiping and Mia chatted and played (really happily… this was definately the best long hospital day yet she was so chilled all day…Love her).

Auntie Gemma arrived and Mia got creative with her making masks this time!



We were finally finished and free to go at teatime so after a quick pitstop at the golden arches (Mcdonalds) we were on the ferry homeward bound.  Mia was fab today XXXXX 

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  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia looks as though you are having a really good time with Auntie Gemma, love the mask. Auntie Gemma came to stay with me afterwards it was so good to see her and she said she loved hanging out with you guys, she said Harv was cool and she got to sleep in your bottom bunk bed so exciting a sleepover with her favourite niece!!!! did you get to have a midnight feast???

    Lots of Love

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