The road is never smooth…

So Friday morning, Mia went into nursery for a few hours, she had been a little unsettled with her cold and had woken early but was otherwise well and her temperature was normal.  I collected her slightly early because she didn’t want her lunch and her teachers felt that she had had enough and was tired.  We went home and I gave her her last dose of Cytarabin before heading of to St Marys to get her blood transfusion. 

This is where it started to go less smoothly…. within 15 mins of the blood transfusion starting Mia had become very quiet and grumpy and her temperature was very slightly increased, by 30 mins in her temp was up by half a degree and she was more irritable.  1 hour in and her temperature was a whole degree higher and she was crying complaining of neck pain, so the transfusion was put on hold and she was given paracetamol and piriton to settle any allergic reaction.  The transfusion was recommenced at a slower rate but Mia’s temperature continued to be elevated and she vomited!!!  So it was abandoned with the plan for us to return in the morning and recheck her Haemoglobin levels.

Unfortunately we didn’t make it through the night at home… Mia developed very painful earache and a temperature of 38.4c so we made the midnight dash to St Marys to get IV antibiotics started.  That was last night and today Mia has been up and down both in terms of her temperature and her mood with the two being closely related!  Her blood results today indicate that she has not started to recover from the chemotherapy over the last 2 weeks all her counts were lower except the Hb which has improved slightly to 77 even though she only managed an hour of the transfusion (must have been a good donor).  She will continue on her Gentamicyn and Tazocin antibiotics until Monday morning and if her temperatures have not settled more antibiotics will be added in to the treatment.  I have managed to snap a few pictures during this admission and will add them as soon as we get home, please be reassured that Mia is still smiley, cheeky and willful!  XXXXX

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  1. Tracy Says:

    Hi Mia,

    Sorry to hear you are in hospital for the weekend. Earache is really horrible – I hope that it has gone away. I remember having earache when I was little and it made me really miserable. These days it’s mainly Tad and Uncle Simon that give me earache!

    Take care little Mia – mummy is right you are a cheeky girl as well as being a star!

    Love T & Simon & Tadxxx

  2. Gemma Says:

    Goodness me Mia! I hope that you are managing to have a little fun in the hospital now that you have some new blood.
    The special sparkly tattoos that I found for you are in the post so they should be with you by Tuesday at the latest. They are pretty cool – I hope you like them.
    Big love and big hugs, from your big ol’ Aunty Gemma xxx

    Shelly – I hope you have managed to have a few more hours sleep. What a palava eh?! Poor thing. Thinking about you as always. Love you, Gemma x

  3. Dawn Says:

    We’re thinking of you all. This phase is a tough one, but you will get through. Glad to hear Mia is still so cheery despite everything x

  4. Sarah, Aeryn & Myer Says:

    Hi guys,

    Keep that chin up, we are all thinking of you and get better soon Mia we need to train for the Race for Life. Aeryn and Myer sending you big hugs.

    All our Love

    Sarah, Aeryn & Myer

  5. Grandma Says:

    Hello Michelle,

    It must be a bit like riding a carousel horse right now, but I’m glad Mia is still smiley and cheeky in spite of the ups and downs.Hope the antibiotics do the trick fairly fast and you are home again soon

    Love you all,


  6. Sharon Kite Says:

    Hello Mia,

    Daniel and Maisie both say hi and send their love. They liked the photos of you enjoying the snow.
    We hope that you are feeling much better today. Hopefully home later!

    Lots of love

  7. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Girlies

    Thinking of you both-hope today brings better results with the temperature down and a better night behind you-tough weekend for you both but really pleased to hear that Mia is still smiling-speak later Michelle

    Love to you both

    PS Can’t wait to see pictures of Harve in the his motorbike gear-cool dude!!

  8. Mark Edgson Says:

    Hi Mia, not having a good time of it are you, making mummy rush to the hospital at all times. Hope your feeling better now. Lewis went in for blood transfusion yesterday that all went smoothly. Last few days of Cytarabin. We are in Piam Brown on Tuesday for Lumber and Chemo then a week off. Then we are week in week our so we may see you during that time. I will want to eat all your marmite sandwiches so make sure you have some.

    Love Mark Keeley Lia and Lewis :-) XX

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