Couldn’t resist another quick update to share pictures of Mia in the snow this morning.  We only got about an inch of snow but as soon as Harvey was dressed for school, and Mia was dressed in her ballerina dress and dressing gown!  The kids hit the street for a little bit of fun in the snow.  





Have just got a call from Piam Brown to say there’s no room at CLIC Haven for Mia and I tonight so we have booked a hotel (Girls on tour style)… We will be heading of at 3pm.

7 Responses to “Snow…”

  1. Anne Martin Says:

    How cute!!!!!!!

    Good luck today girls


  2. Grandma Says:

    Hi again Mia,

    Yet more pics, a positive feast for the eyes in ballerina skirt (just visible) and georgeous dressing gown and hat, totally appropriate IOW snow gear. You really made my day.(again, you are always doing that!!!)

    Love, Grandma XXXXXXXX

  3. Dawn Says:

    Mia looks gorgeous!

  4. Tessa & Harry Says:

    MIA…You look yummy in these photos….I bet Harvey got you with a snowball…did you get him back?


  5. Gary Says:

    I’m loving the hat honeybunch!

  6. Jim Says:

    Hello Mia,

    It’s Jim here again, friend of Auntie Gemma’s. I think she might be visiting you at the moment so i hope she is on her best behaviour as she can be quite a cheeky monkey. Have just looked at the website and seen how well you are doing, and how much fun you are having in the snow. Looks like lots of giggles indeed.

    Jim xx

  7. tracey docherty Says:

    Hi Mia,
    You look like a little angel in the snow and i love the hat i have one just like that in purple it keeps my ears warm, lovely seeing you have so much fun
    tracey xxx (grandmas friend)

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