Interim Maintenance No 2

Mia is now on her second interim maintenance block of treatment.  Her medications for the next 8 weeks are: Vincristine (chemotherapy) IV into ”baby snake” once every 4 weeks, Dexmethasone (steroid) twice daily for 5 days then twice daily for 5 days again in 4 weeks time, Mercaptopurine (oral chemotherapy) once a day at bedtime, Methotrexate (oral chemotherapy) once a week at bedtime, Septrin (oral antibiotic) twice a day on Saturday and Sundays to prevent pneumonia infection.

All of these medicines are given at home except the Vincristine which can be given at St Marys on the Isle of Wight so we don’t have to make any trips to Southampton for a couple of months which is great.  After this block of treatment she will have her second delayed intensification, she needs 2 intensification’s because her MRD (minimal residual disease) test on day 28 was high. 

The steroids only started 2 days ago and she is already very tearful and sad, or grumpy and stroppy!  It’s really shocking how quickly she can change from the out going and chatty little girl that she is into a very tense and changeable one.  I try very hard during this time to focus on how good the steroid is at fighting the Leukaemia cells instead of focusing on how difficult Mia becomes, after all it is not her fault!  However I will be very happy when day 5 is over and we will see her settling back into herself again.  In the meantime I need to help her keep those Teddies in order at  bedtime (it’s like an obsession!) if they don’t line up correctly she gets very distressed and cannot settle to sleep.  Most of all I need to keep my cool it’s not going to help Mia if I have a tantrum too! 

On a really positive note Mia’s blood levels have improved dramatically, she is recovering from the intensive chemotherapy of the last 7 weeks, her neutrophils are on the up and she can stop her IV antibiotics.  Mia’s blood results from yesterday with normal counts in brackets are: Hb 100 (120-140), WBC 1.2 (4-10), N 0.6 (2-6 neutropenic if below 0.75), Platelets 427 (150-400). 


3 Responses to “Interim Maintenance No 2”

  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Morning Mia

    Those Teddies misbehaving yet again!!! my goodness we need to think of something to help them settle down and not wriggle why don’t you try wrapping them in a special blanket together like new born baby twins, then they won’t be able to wriggle so much-cos I know that can be so annoying especially at bedtime!!! Good luck with the grumpy medicine only a few days to go and you will be back to feeling better and smiling again.

    Lots of Love

  2. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,
    So you’re back on the “grumpystuff” again and the Teddies are having a hard time with it too. Try not to get too cross with them, they aren’t really being difficult on purpose, just like you aren’t being grumpy on purpose. We all know that the medicine that makes you so sad also makes you better. It won’t be too long before your beautiful smile shines through again.

    Love you so much,


  3. tracey docherty Says:

    Hi Mia
    so the grumpy stuff is back lets hope the 5 days fly by and you dont get to cross with your teddies, thinking of you
    lots of love tracey xxx

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