Hospital admission run-down

After writing the last update on Saturday evening Mia became much more poorly.  Sunday morning was OK with a visit from Scott and Harvey to keep us busy but Mia continued to have high temperatures and her blood results showed that the chemotherapy was still active in her body, dropping her Hb to 64 again and her neutrophils were back down to zero.  She developed a chesty cough and became very lethargic and irritable within about an hour.  She really worried both the nurse looking after her and me… her temperature hit 39.4 and the oxygen levels in her blood had dropped to 88% (they should be 98-100%).  She was given oxygen and nebulisers to try to clear her chest, a chest X Ray was taken and she was started on a third antibiotic.   Paracetamol eventually brought her temperature back down and with oxygen on over night by Monday morning she was a little better.  Mia had her second blood transfusion on Monday with piriton and paracetamol as a precaution in case she reacted again, but thankfully she tolerated it well and it went some way to perking her up but she was clearly still feeling poorly because she did not want to do much!  A fourth antibiotic had been added to her treatment by now and this one was oral and tasted really foul… Mia was not impressed and almost leapt with glee on Wednesday when it was stopped!   Mia’s blood results on Tuesday were better because the Hb was up to 92 after her transfusion but her platelets had dropped dramatically to 33, they don’t transfuse platelets until they are down to 10, and luckily Mia has started producing her platelets again quickly and they are back up to 81 today (Friday) which is really reassuring it means that her bone marrow is working hard and hopefully her other counts will improve over the coming days.  Meanwhile back to Monday, Harvey had been whisked away to have a couple of fun filled half term days with cousins Caleb and Jack which was fantastic thank you Sam XXX

By Wednesday Mia was sooo much better the antibiotics had worked their magic, her temperature had settled and she was starting to feel more like herself, we managed to escape home for the afternoon where we made Jam Tarts and  big mess!!!! 








Back at the hospital Mia didn’t require any oxygen on Wednesday night and had started to cough really well so her chest had cleared and on Thursday morning after our longest and scariest admission yet she was given the OK to come home.  She will continue on one antibiotic once a day until her neutropils recover they are still only 0.1 today.

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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hi All,

    So glad you are back home again Mia, it was good to hear your voice on the phone even if you weren’t in a really chatty mood, next time maybe!
    It’s time to shout for team Neutro-Phil, (thanks for that T.)So let’s hear it , all together now, “come on you Neutros”!!!

    The jam tarts looked so good and so did you and Harvey making them, did you eat them all?

    Michelle , that was another tough call and I wish I had a magic wand for you to wave at times like those, but as ever you dealt with it with love and patience, the effect seems to be pretty similar……

    Love you all,

    Grandma. XXXXXXXX

  2. Tessa & Harry Says:

    Hi All,

    l have to ask one question looking at Harvey’s giggling in that photo…..was there any mention of ‘jam farts’ when he was doing that baking??!!!! (Not to offend anybody…but I do have three boys!!)

    Well, little lady….a busy week and YUKKY medicine….lets just hope you are going to stay well now and not have any grotty’s making you soooo poorly. I love all of your photos…but hide and seek is my favourite xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Michelle & Scott….what a roller coaster….hoping that you have had some family time at home this weekend….
    thinking of you lots of love Tess xxxx

  3. Gemma Says:

    I can’t believe you had the time and or energy to bake jam tarts when you went home! You are superwoman. x

  4. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Michelle

    I agree with Gemma-Michelle you are just amazing-so good to see you all at the weekend for your Birthday you all seemed very calm and relaxed if a little tired-I was so happy to find Mia looking remarkable well and in good spirits with lots of smiles and energy-bouncing on the trampoline,singing and running on the beach pretty fantastic for a little girlie who was really poorly last week-once again she never ceases to amaze and inspire me with her attitude to the whole situation a constant reminder to some of us not to complain about stuff that does not matter.

    Harvey & Mia it was lovely to spend some time with you, Harv keep up the drawing fantastic art work, and the decorating of Mummy’s birthday cakes by you both was great fun. Mia fab singing voice, “IOW’s got Talent ” watch out a budding star on her way.

    Michelle, Scott what can I say best parents ever.

    Love u loads

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