Haemoglobin now 60…

Mia went to nursery this morning and was absolutely fine so when I took her blood samples to the hospital this afternoon I expected to find that her Haemoglobin had begun to rise again.  However it has dropped quite dramatically to 60, she has been cross matched and will receive her blood transfusion tomorrow afternoon.  It could not be done today because the blood has to be ordered from Southampton which takes a bit of time.  She remains well despite her blood counts although she seems to be developing a cold, I will keep a close eye on her tonight and will be making the midnight dash (again) if she becomes unwell.  If not we will go to St Mary’s tomorrow afternoon for about 4 hours to have the transfusion.  It is the last day of her Cytarabin tomorrow so her blood counts should start to recover, her neutrophils already look like they are on the way back up (0.5 today compared to 0.4 2days ago) so that’s a good sign.  XX 

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  1. Mairi Says:

    Hi all,
    Hope all goes well tomorrow. We are thinking of you all. Mia you really are a little star not grumbling at all the hospital treatments that you have to have. Keep smiling Mum and Dad you really are an inspiration to us all. Not sure we would be as brave as you are being, and harvey the best big brother any little sister could ask for. keep up the web site it is lovely to read your updates.

    Take care all of you
    Lots of love Mairi, Phil, Euan and Arran. XXXXX

  2. Tracy Says:

    Hi Mia,

    Sorry to hear that you are off to the hospital – hopefully you will receive ‘bionic blood’ and be back on the trampolene by the end of the week. At least your Neutro-Phils are not sleeping on the job. Hurrah for the army of Neutro-Phils protecting Princess Mia from infection. Wake up Haemo-Globins you’ve got work to do!

    lots of love T & Simon and Tadxxxx

  3. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,

    So you braved the chilly weather and got onto the trampoline, there’s no stopping you is there?! Hope tomorow is a good day for you and you get all the good stuff you need to keep you on your toes and trampolining again.
    Hugs all round,
    Loads of love Grandma XXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. Mark Edgson Says:

    Hi Mia, Lewis is on his just coming up to his last week on cytarabine his Haemoglobin is 78 we hope it stays at that so he can continue next week with out a transfusion, bloods tomorrow.

    Hope you keep that cold away and no midnight dash, take care little one

    Mark Keeley Lia and Lewis xx

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