Birthday weekend…

It was my birthday this weekend and thankfully Mia was on fantastic form.  The day started with me having a lie in !  Followed by breakfast in bed, presents and a leisurely shower. 

Mia and Harvey enjoyed sometime in the garden whilst the sun was shinning then Nana and Gary came for a visit and treated us all to lunch on the seafront followed by a walk on the beach where we searched the rock pools of “Harvey’s reef” (named by Scotty last summer because Harvey spent so much time there!) finding crabs, tiny fish, winkles etc.

 When we returned home Harvey and Mia decorated the 32 mini cupcakes that I had made for my birthday cake this year… I have nearly eaten them all!



Mia’s blood counts are slowly rising although she is still profoundly neutropenic at 0.1 and therefore continues on her once daily IV antibiotic.  She will begin her interim maintanence again tomorrow with IV Vincristine, Dexamethaone (steroid argh) for 5 days and mercaptopurine and oral methotrexate should be commencing again but will be held off until her neutrophils have recovered to at least 0.5. 

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  1. Mark Edgson Says:

    What a week you had, im glad your better now. Happy Birthday Mum hope you had a good lazy day and was looked after. Bet Mums really happy your back on the Dex’s (Not). We on PB tomorrow (Tuesday) Lewis’s bloods are up and down like yours. Stay well and dont get to grumpy on the Dex’s. Love Mark Keeley Lia and Lewis xx

  2. sev and ryan Says:

    Michelle , great to see you yesterday ,with Mia ,
    what a caracter !!! You were right though Mia not to put on the blue fin on your back , mermaids don`t have one…

    You never mentioned your birthday ,


    I gave some news to Ryan ,he is always interested in knowing how things are going.

    Lots of love to all of you,

    Sev and Ryan.

  3. Anne Martin Says:

    Morning Michelle

    Gary and I had a really lovely day with you all, it was lovely to see all of you on such good form and so happy, good luck for today Mia hope everything goes to plan will be thinking of you.

    Great piccies-good choice Scotty on the lense a fantastic b’day pressie.

    All my Love

  4. Gemma Says:

    Looks like an ace birthday! And I LOVE that black and white picture of Mia – can you send it to me? I want a copy. xx
    How does Mum get Mia to sit so still? It’s beyond me.

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