A Great Weekend

We have had a fantastic week, topped of with a really calm family weekend.  Mia continues to sleep well and has been in a great mood pretty much as soon as she’s awake and for the whole of each day…this of course means the rest of us are too.  On Friday before she went to nursery for the afternoon Mia drew a picture of me which I had to share because it is so damn good (despite the fact that my arms are connected to my head!).  After nursery Mia and Harvey had a great time making faces, it is their most favourite past time and Harvey is particularly good at it he never fails to make Mia laugh (or look exasperated!).





On Saturday we had quite an early start thanks to Mia.  Harvey had a “gifted and talented” workshop so was at school for the morning and Mia and I played in her room (I love Mia’s bedroom), we played puzzles and shops.  After collecting Harvey we went to Pizza Express for lunch, we hadn’t been yet in January so it was a real treat.

Today we have had friends over for lunch and had a really good time just hanging out at home, Mia finished the day with an impromptu ABBA dance session which was entertaining and had us all singing and swinging along.

Mia and I are off to Southampton tomorrow, we will stay at CLIC Haven for the night.  On Tuesday Mia will have a lumbar puncture with intra-thecal chemotherapy followed by IV Cyclophosphomide and Cytarabine (both chemotherapy meds) then home in the evening, hopefully with Aunty Gemma who is coming to stay for a few days.  I hope the next 2 weeks go smoothly, I’ll keep you informed XXX

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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hello ,

    It is really lovely to get the “Happy time” reports and great new pics. Harvey is still doing a super big brother job, making Mia laugh has to be a very important contribution, Well done Harv.!

    Mia, that is a great picture of Mummy, toe bones, foot bones and ankle bones are connected, not sure what the dress is made of, but Shell,I reckon your arms are tucked into the frock and what we can see are new earrings because everything else is in the right place. Mia, you are getting cleverer by the day!!

    Love, Love and more of the same,

    Grandma XXXXXXXXXX

  2. Tessa & Harry Says:

    Hi all….lots of positive news….keep it coming!!

    MORE FUNNY PHOTOS OF HARVEY PLEASE!!!….I can see why he has Mia in fits of giggles!!

    Great to know that you are all getting the chance to do the stuff that we normally all just take for granted.

    Mich…i cannot believe that you stood still long enough for a still life pose!!! (SUPERB ARTWORK MIA)………….

    LOTS OF LOVE TO YOU ALL…..Tess and Harry xxxxx

  3. sev and ryan Says:

    Hello everybody ,
    I`ve just been catching up on what has been happening,
    all those trips on the mainland ! I loved watching all the pictures , where is Scott though ?

    Thinking of you all , lots of love ,

    Sev and Ryan.

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