The “BIT” between Christmas and New Year…

Mia has remained well since Christmas Day, in fact she is positively bouncing of the walls.  She is really bright and full of beans at the moment which makes me more anxious about what we have coming….

On Tuesday when I took her bloods the result was not great, her neutrophils were only 0.8, if they were to drop further than this she cannot commence on the intensification treatment.  However it is now New Years Day and I took her blood sample over to the ward today (no community nurses to pick them up… but they do deserve the day off) the results are in neutrophils back up to 1.0 so we are booked on the 7am ferry tomorrow.  I will update how he day goes and hopefully add more pictures tomorrow (Mia has been doing some brilliant fancy dressing which I just have to share).

Happy New Year to you all…. Lots of Love XXXXX

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  1. Tessa & Harry Says:

    Look forward to the pics Mia…cannot imagine they will be anything less than gorgeous…any of Harvey dressed as Snow White?!!!

    Everything crossed for the trip tomorrow……..take Care..I look forward to more news……

    Lots of Love to you all

    Tessa and Harry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Stuart hopkins Says:

    Hope MIA enjoys the ferry ride even though it’s so early.
    Look forward to all your dressing up pictures.
    Hope everything goes well,always thinking of you all.

  3. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    Thinking of you-hope all goes well today-will call mummy later to get an update

    lots of love

  4. Dawn Says:

    Thankyou for sending us the link to Mia’s site. We were pleased to see that, like Catherine, Mia also had a good Christmas.

    It is good to read that Mia has a good enough count to start the next block of treatment. We are now two weeks into the intensive block and Cath is doing fine. Only today is she quite tired. The hospital told us that Doxorubicin doesn’t really hit the blood counts until a week after the first dose, and that was about right for us. We’ll be thinking and praying for you all as you start this block. You are not alone! Dawn, Mark and Catherine x

  5. Hayley Says:

    Hello Mia and Michelle it was lovely to meet you both today, Mia your a beautiful little girl and so brave full of smiles, I hope your day wasn’t too long and hope your back at home now. I’m sure your going to breeze through this intensive bit with a big kept smile. I will be keeping updated over the coming weeks, thinking of you and your family lots. xxx Love Hayley Karl and family xxx

  6. Anne West Says:

    Hello all – hope everything is going well and Mia is doing well – so glad you had a lovely christmas at home together. Well done Mia for being sooooo brave. Take care all – lots of love Anne Ellie & Joe XXX

  7. Lea White Says:

    Hello there,

    Just discovered your site through the Facebook group that was created for your little girl. We were diagnosed with A.L.L. beginning June 2007 around 2 weeks before Bianca turned 4.

    I will continue following your journey and keep you in my prayers and thoughts! Before you know it you will reach maintenance and that will most definitely have more “normal” days.

    Lea White

  8. Grandma Says:

    Hi Mia,

    I heard from your Dad that you went boot-fairing and shopping with Harvey and had a great time at “Woolies” closing-down sale, I think we will miss that shop as it was pretty good for toys and things.

    Looking forward to seeing your dressing-up pics!

    Love to everybody (especially you!)


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