Tantrums and Tiaras

Mia’s had a great week despite the steroid mood swings, which have been dramatic… The hunger set in on Wednesday which was pretty good because it was her 5th day with only 2 days to go!  We went to Southampton as a day case for her Vincristine and Doxorubicin chemo, the journey was easy and Mia had a bit of a sleep in the car which was well timed.  We arrived on the ward at 12.00 and she immediately smelt lunch!  So we got set up on her bed with a melted cheese and ham toasty, lots of smoothie and some Pringles (salty ones).  Dr Steff carried out a full examination with Mia being incredibly cheeky as always and then the chemo was under way.  We left the ward at 3pm and were on the ferry again eating chips at 4pm.  Mia seemed to be exhausted for most of Thursday but did manage a morning at nursery, eating everything she could including the staff’s lunch if it took her fancy. By the afternoon she was having major tantrums, mainly about food which she wanted but then didn’t fancy.  I think she was tired and probably should have gone to bed at 5pm like she had last week but I missed the cues and when I finally did get her to bed at 6pm she Had a massive melt down and shouted that I was a “stupid little girl”, she meant business this time so she had yet another snack in her bed, apologised for shouting at me and then promptly fell asleep.  It didn’t end there though she was up at 9pm, 11pm, 5am and then 7am….. Wow a busy night for all of us!  The Tiara bit refers to how she still loves to dress up and play even when she’ feeling grumpy, it certainly makes the grumps easier for all of us to manage even just a few minutes of happy play help us all get a grip!

Mia has gone to nursery again this morning despite the disturbed night and she is excited to be going to the Panto in Southampton tonight, then staying with Nana And Gary for the weekend.

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  1. Kim Read Says:

    Happy New Year to you all. It sounds like you have all had a taxing time recently with more treatment, and trips to Southampton.Mia obviously loves her play which helps her cope better. It was interesting to read your honest account of a “Mum” giving treatment, food for thought.I hope you enjoy the panto, and best of luck, and thoughts for all future treatment. Sounds like your food bill is forever rising! Take care love Kim x

  2. sam Says:

    Have a great weekend and hopefully some sleep. I will try and get you some of the photos from our stay when I pull my finger out. Love to you all Samx and boys

  3. Grandma Says:

    Hello All,

    Oh boy! Hang on to that roller-coaster and enjoy the Panto. Have a great time with Nana and Gary and give them my love.
    Lots of love to you as well.


  4. Stuart Hopkins Says:

    sounds like you all had a very hard week but got through it with dressing up(the good times).
    Must admit I did laugh at the”stupid little girl” bit.
    Hope Mia had a good time at nana and garys.

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