Mia and her Central Line

Most of you will have read that during the week prior to Christmas Mia had a brief stay in hospital with a chest infection and was allowed to come home with as I had been trained to administer her intra-venous antibiotics.  People have often asked “Doesn’t it seem odd as a Mum, dealing with Mia’s central line?” and the answer has and I think always will be YES!  However, by getting involved in this level of care I can ensure that Mia has as much freedom as possible from the hospital during her treatment, it goes without saying that I also get that freedom!!!  My Dad was visiting during the time that Mia was still on her IV antibiotics and he took some pictures of me administering them into Mia’s “baby snake” whilst she carried on playing…. I look tired because the antibiotics were 6  hourly doses which meant that I was up till midnight then up again at 6am, and yes it does take lots of concentration, good preparation and planning and ultimately my training as a nurse helps me to understand the physiological process and the risks of administering drugs via a central line.  But I hope that the pictures also show that it has quickly become another “Job” that needs doing and Mia tolerates it amazingly well ( almost obliviously). 

I totally understand that taking on this role would not suit lots of parents and most of my friends and family members that have been around when I have had to take bloods or give medicines have questioned whether they themselves would take this on if they were in the same situation.  For any parents who have a child with a central line who might be reading this and considering learning how to take bloods and flush a line, I urge you to speak with your community nurses or outpatient/day-ward nurses and discuss it further.  My community nurse team are fantastic and even though I do take Mia’s bloods they always ask if I am happy to do this, They would always take this role back if I ever wanted them to.

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  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Michelle as your Mum I can say I was never in any doubt that you would deal with this as only you could with great courage and confidence, which in turn with your patience you have passed on to your own daughter Mia.

    As a little girl you were the one always running around finding plasters and helping me to deal with any accidents that your sisters and brothers got themselves into as your passion was always to be a nurse-do you remember the time Sam got run down by a bycycle in our road-it was you that calmed her down and helped to dress her grazes (even though you were the younger sister!)while I went into a bit of panic about it all, scared her little face was going to be scarred for life-many many more stories I could relay about your caring, your time at GOSH is just another example of how wholeheartedly you put your all into looking after children and their families love you loads and very very proud of you.

  2. Gemma Says:

    Good Jim-Jams Mia! The best actually. xxxx

  3. Stuart hopkins Says:

    I was thinking what to say after Reading this update and then I just read your mums comments,I not a much of emotional man but it’s got me in bits.i don’t know how I would cope with the same situation.I see you sister is there which must be a great help and relief at times.(remember her face but forgotton her name sorry).
    Mia,not only are you doing so well this week but mum is doing fantasticly well so if you can give your mum a big hug and kiss from me.
    Love to all your family x x

  4. Mel, Shaun, Ethan, Amelia and Alivia. Says:

    Hi you guys. Firstly I’d like to say Mia i love the P.Js. The are awsome. Never seen a pair like the before. You gotta let me know where you got them from. Amelia and Liv would love a pair like them. Michelle I think what you are doing is fantastic. I really don’t know how you cope with it all.

    Love and hugs to you all and I hope that the next few weeks go well. xx

  5. mia Says:

    The now famous PJ’s are from H & M….. They were new for Christmas Eve, so that Mia looked cute in her Christmas morning pictures!!! (Does anyone else do this?) Mia loves them as well as her Hello Kitty ones (also H & M) from Santa XXXX

  6. Tessa & Harry Says:

    I just wanted to add to your comments….I too read Michelle’s account of the care that she provides to Mia in an awesome attempt to maintain familiy life and reduce their times confined to hospital……..I then read Michelle’s mum’s comments…….and like you it really hit me what an emotional journey all of the family are on…..I had sat to add a comment on a few occasions to acknowledge what they had both shared with us…but the right words wouldn’t come…just thought that you made the point…..
    Love to Mia and all of the familiy………have a fab weekend…sorry I did not have long to speak this morning Michelle…what with the croc crisis and everything!! Catch up with you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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