Infection strikes… 5 days in hospital

Tuesday was officially Hair loss day… Mia’s hair was coming out in clumps and her pillow was positively fluffy on Wednesday morning.  She does not seem bothered by this and I am really pleased for that, we have been lucky that she has lost it slowly up till now so it has not been a big shock.  And she is so beautiful… I love this picture :-)

On Wednesday Mia was very grumpy for much of the day and by the evening her temperature was beginning to creep up, by the time she went to bed it was 37.6.  She slept soundly for only 2 hours before waking for food (steroids still not quite clear of the system!) whilst she was awake I checked her temperature again and it was up to 38.1.  Because of the profound neutropenia Mia’s temperature is the first indication of an infection so once a temp reaches 38 it needs to be monitored and if it isn’t down under 38 within 4 hours or if it gets up to 38.5 we need to high tail it to the hospital for antibiotics.  By the time Mia had finished eating and gone back to bed her temp was down again to 37.6 so I settled to bed knowing that more food demands were imminent.  At 12 Mia was up again and her temp was still below 38 so she had a snack and went back to bed!  4am up again but this time temp was up to 38.7 so no snacks just a very quick exit into a very cold car heading along the very dark roads to St Marys Hospital.  It was not a panicky journey though because despite obviously feeling a bit unwell Mia was chatty on the way which was very reasuring for me… I don’t like it if she’s quiet!! (It’s very rare).

On arrival at the hospital blood cultures (to check for infection in the blood), blood tests and observations were carried out and IV antibiotics started.  Once this had all been done Mia could have a dose of paracetamol and we both managed a couple of hours sleep before Mia was hungry again.

Our 5 day stay in hospital went really quickly and Mia actually quite enjoyed it!  Dionne (play specialist) came up with some fantastic make and do activities….  She is TOPS!

Mia’s temperature did not settle within 48 hours so she started on another antibiotic which will continue for 10 days in total (I am doing it once a day at home now), once this drug was in her system she started to bounce back and he bloods have recovered from the chemotherapy too.  Her neutrophils are back up to 1.1 which is great news because she is at much less risk of infections at that level.

Her night time snacking and constant grazing continued until Monday but has definitely slowed up now and back at home last night Mia slept through again for the first time in about 10 days.. I spent much of the evening panicking and checking her of course :-)   It is almost impossible to rationalize my fears, but I’m determined not to miss any signs that she might be unwell.

Today was great, Mia went to nursery, I watched ER (recorded from Thursday), Scott oiled the kitchen worktops (they look like new!) and then we had a nice evening a home with Harvey and Mia both in excellent moods.  We are looking forward to a quite week, Mia’s next chemotherapy treatment starts on 2nd Feb.

Please can everyone take at look at this link and sign the petition to get Government support to raise Leukaemia awareness XXX

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  1. Dawn Says:

    We are sorry to hear about Mia’s infection – we feel your pain having been in the same place, particularly watching the temperature go up and down for hours on end! Glad she enjoyed hospital, though. It makes it so much easier. And glad you got some down time today x

  2. Stuart Hopkins Says:

    Well g.I.MIA your pictures fab,looking calm n cool.great that you went to nersury now your counts good. All Signed up. You be good now.
    Big hugs
    Stu x

  3. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,
    Glad you actually enjoyed your stay in St Mary’s this time and just as glad you are home again.
    I agree with your Mum about the picture, you are very beautiful (I don’t mean the funny skeleton one!)

    As always, love you loads,

  4. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    Good to hear you are back home I bet Daddy and Harvey are pleased to have you both home. Amazingly you are back to Nursery, well done you, I bet they all missed you, although it looks like Dionne kept you pretty busy with exciting craft activities, Mummy is right she is brilliant at her job.

    Adore the pictures especially the one Mummy loves, you look so calm,serine and beautiful (that goes without saying) no one would ever guess the traumatic adventure you are on, you never cease to amaze me.

    Some news to tell your friends, some of my friends that work with me, Jade, Ross and Darren have decided they are going to do a Skydive in May and hopefully raise loads of money for CLIC-they are all big fans of the work that CLIC do to help children like you, and Jade especially follows all your progress via your website, I will keep you up to date and get some photos to put on your website exciting!!!!!! (unfortunately they have booked it on 16th May which is the day I do my “Moon Walk” in aid of the Breast Cancer fund, so I won’t be able to do the jump with them-thank god!!! I hate heights!!!! but I will be sponsoring them and spreading the word far and wide watch this space for more news)

    Give my love to Harvey,Mummy and Daddy

    Lots of love

  5. Mark Edgson Says:

    Hi Mia, Glad you enjoyed the hospital, and the neutrophils are back up, Lewis’s are on the way down he went from 10.9 to 0.8 this week and we are waiting on further results so we might be taking a trip soon.

    Hope mummy is keeping the food coming especilly the marmite sandwiches. we are saving a fortune as Lewis is steroid free now.

    He has now got a snake stuck on his side the same as you.

    Keep smiling Love Keeley Mark Lewis and Lia

  6. Carrie Says:


    You are obviosuly taking after your Mummy as she has always been a strong and wonderful lady too. You are looking gorgeous with your new hair style. Love to you all xxxx

  7. Lea White Says:

    I just love the photos – Mia is just so beautiful!!!!

  8. Sylvia & John Hobro Says:

    Mia, thankyou for the most BEAUTIFUL photograph I have
    ever received, and the lovely message from Mummy Michelle. We are so pleased that you liked the ‘Cuddly’ as a surprise pressie.
    It’s wonderful to see and read your website.

    We send Loving & Healing thoughts and prayers to you and all your family. God Bless,
    and thank you for making our day special too.

    Sylvia & John xx

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