Happy at Home

Since her discharge from hospital on Monday Mia has been on fantastic form.  She continues on her antibiotics but they are only once a day so she has been able to go to nursery (everyday this week) which she is loving at the moment. 

Bed times have been a breeze I had a long chat with the troublesome teddies who are now doing as they are asked and Mia is settling quickly after her stories and sleeping soundly for at least 11 hours a night.  We are all thoroughly enjoying this very calm time.

I have taken some time out today to sort out my Race for Life application and online fundraising page, Anyone on the Isle of Wight who wants a friend to run (or walk) with please join me on the day by clicking here to register.  Everyone else click here and sponsor me…. Thank-you XXXXXXX

6 Responses to “Happy at Home”

  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Michelle

    So nice to know you are all having a peacful time at the moment, enjoy and be happy. Race for LIfe-there is no stopping you where do you get all your energy!!! I’ve started the ball rolling on your Race for Life fundraising-hope you get loads more sponsors and plenty of friends to join you on the day.
    Lots of love

  2. Stuart Hopkins Says:

    well all this sleep,peace and calmness is hopefully enjoyed with glasses of wine,long may it continue.
    stu x

  3. Amy Says:

    I love these pictures of you and Mia. You are beautiful girls!!!!! I will def take part in race for life with you, will be very proud to join you. Hope to catch up soon, big love./xxxxxx

  4. Grandma Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Definitely not doing it…..definitely sponsoring you to do it! That particular picture of Mia is very lovely and she is absolutely, positively, inspirational.

    Loads of love,


  5. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Michelle

    I have registered to walk with you-26th July 2009 IOW-lets raise some serious monies for Cancer Research and have a fab day.

    Have Sam and Gemma registered yet???

    Lot of Love

  6. clare Says:

    Hi Michelle
    Its Clare, Brayley and Christopher !
    Glad all is going well . I will be doing race for life this year again . Always reading to see how Mia is doing .Keep writing ! take care


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