Delayed Intensification is under way…

On Friday last week Mia and I made the journey over to Southampton to begin her delayed intensification treatment.  The treatment during the next 7 weeks includes 6 different chemotherapy drugs, 2 of which Mia has never had before, 2 weeks of steroids given at a high doses for 1 week then a rest week before another high dose week (lots of mood swings expected).  Her first day went well, it was an early start but Mia was first on the anaesthetic list and by 12pm she had had her bone marrow aspirate taken, her intra-thecal chemo administered and was wandering around the playroom whilst her other chemo medication was infused over 1 hour into her “baby snake”.  We were back on the ferry by 2.30 pm!  The following day Mia was understandably exhausted and went to bed at 5pm (unheard of!).  The weekend was a good one and we saw Mia’s Auntie Sam and Uncle Dan with cousins Caleb and Jack and caught up with friends Bede, Julia, Ruby and Oscar for Sunday Brunch.  It was a really nice afternoon with the children getting their faces painting and helping the magician with his tricks. 

Today Mia has had an injection of Asparaginase (chemo) into her thigh which of course she did not like, but once again she was amazingly brave and tolerant, telling me afterwards that it didn’t hurt!  The steroids are kicking in and causing hunger and tantrums but she is looking forward to going to nursery in the morning.

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  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    You never cease to amaze me, what a very brave girl you are, a little star!!! Have a good day at nursery and GAry & I are looking forward to seeing you at the weekend all being well with your visit to Piam Brown on Wednesday, you are getting to be a frequent traveller on the ferry I reckon they should give you a Mummy a discount on the fares.

    All my Love

  2. Tina Parkes Says:

    I am a mum of a now 4 year old boy called Ross, he was diagnosed with ALL in May 2007, just before his third birthday.I also had an older boy who was also 7 when Ross became ill. Having only just discovered your blog tonight, it has been like reading our own history repeating itself…We are currently in maintenance under Birmingham Children’s Hospital and I simply wanted to tell you it does become easier, although I didnt believe this either when others tried to reassure me. Ross began school last September and copes so well, despite Mum’s anxiety and over-protectiveness!! Our treatment continues for a further 18 months as I am sure you know for boys it is 3 long years of LP’s and chemo and those awful steriods!!! If you ever feel the need to chat to a like-minded person, I would be more than happy to..
    Best wishes and good luck as Mia begins DI.
    Tina Parkes

  3. Tessa & Harry Says:

    Mia… You are GORGEOUS…. I love those PJ’S….were they a present from Santa? hope to see you soon…..
    Love to you all……Tessa and Harry xxxxxxxxx

  4. Lea White Says:

    Yes the steroids on DI was quite tough for us and in the end it masked an infection with the only sign being a sore tummy. Bianca lost all her hair completely (a second time) in this phase which I think was the combination between Vincristine and the Doxorubicin. And the Cyclophosphomide (Day 29) was a long one because it needed a lot of fluids before and then fluids after again. For the peg shot, Bianca reacted after the 3rd one (which I think was in a previous phase) she got and so she had to get 6 – one every second day of a different version and that was horrible for us.

    Wow, I can’t believe Mia is going to nursery. Bianca got so many infections during the intensive part and so many times her levels were too low and so for us things like nursery was out.

  5. Grandma Says:

    I just read the latest message from Lea (of the Whites in New Zealand) who lives as far away from us as it is possible to get and suddenly the planet just shrank to a speck, to be able to share long-distance is amazing. I can remember when such magic was a dream of the future, now it really is here so, Hello Lea and family and all the others who have sent their good wishes from all over the place, good to hear from you, thanks,

    Love, Grandma. XXXXX

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