The Christmas Tree Goes UP

On Monday 8th Scott, Mia and I trailed around the Island searching for the perfect Christmas Tree… apparently I’m picky!  (he he he).  We did find the perfect tree and it was being sold by one of Scott’s oldest friends, who grew the tree on his land so it was worth the search  (Anyone on the Island who’s looking for a tree this weekend head to Farmer Jacks at Arreton).

Once Harvey was home from school and i had adorned the tree with over 500 lights, tiny ones of course, the children did the decorating. 


Harvey was very kind and let Mia put the fairy on top, a job which she took very seriously and as with most tasks Mia undertakes she was determined to do it without help from Me… So I just had to get pricked in the face so she could reach!

It is a beautiful Tree and I just love the smell, it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in our house.


2 Responses to “The Christmas Tree Goes UP”

  1. Grandma Says:

    Good job Mia and Harvey,

    I will be coming to see it next week,


  2. Stuart hopkins Says:

    We well chuckled at you getting pricked in the face.
    Good las Harvey for letting Mia put the star on top of the tree.
    Father Christmas see’s all and I’m guessing he’ll be good to this year.
    And Mia! Being an angel on your mums shoulders have made the familys Christmas tree perfect.
    Your an outstanding mother shell and the little things you do are making an amazing differance.
    Were going to look at all the lights tonight just like you all did.cant wait.
    X x

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