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Mia has coped very well with her steroids this week, she has been grumpy, demanding and a bit tearful but it has been very manageable and I can’t believe how quick the five days went.  She was very pleased on Tuesday evening to have taken her last “Grumpy Medicine” till after Christmas.  She has taken it in her stride yet again and we have been out and about a lot and had a really busy weekend which she has tolerated brilliantly.  The worst side effect this time around was probably fidgeting causing restless nights which has meant she was tired during the day but unable to relax. 

We went out in the car on Tuesday evening because both Harvey and Mia had been begging to go and look at Christmas lights.  It was harder to find them this year because lots of the ones we had looked at last year were not up (credit crunch?).  However we did find quite a few houses that had excellent displays so it was well worth the trip and I’m sure that we will do it again because the children really enjoyed it…. Until the journey home when they started arguing (We expect nothing else!).





    On Wednesday evening it was Harvey’s turn to be a STAR… and he was exactly that.  The school Christmas production was called “Tea-towels and Tinsel”, Harvey was playing “Harvey” which he did brilliantly including singing a couple of song verses solo!!!  It was fantastic, we were very proud parents and Mia was a proud baby sister watching Harvey on the stage. 

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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hello Harvey,

    Your Dad told me how great you were on stage, maybe you will sing it for me when I come to see you, well done, I’m proud of you too.


    Grandma. XXXXXXX

  2. Kim Read Says:

    Hi Mia,it looks like you, Harvey, Mummy and Daddy are having lots of fun getting ready for Christmas. What a wonderful Christmas tree, and so high. Pleased to hear that you all enjoyed the Piam Brown Christmas party, and I bet Father Christmas loved your beautiful painted face. My beautiful grandaughter Ellie-May, who lives in Ryde is coming over today with her Mummy and Daddy for dinner with us. She is 22mths old, so will be able to help me put the last of the Christmas decorations on the tree and around the house. They will be spending Christmas day with us, so a very exciting time to look forward to. So pleased you have finished your grumpy medicine, and I hope you have a more comfortable week. Take care, lots of love Kim xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Auntie Gemma Says:

    Well done Harv! xxx

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