Chest Infection

Just as things were going so well…..

On Friday evening Mia was very grumpy and had bright red cheeks, her temperature was slightly high but not past 37.5 so she went to bed as usual.  Unfortunately over the evening her temp crept up and by 3am it hit 38.5 which meant that we were high tailing it through the frost to St Mary’s Hospital.  By 5am she had her IV antibiotics started, had a dose of calpol and we settled down to bed.   Mia has responded well to her antibiotics and has remained fairly well through out the weekend.  The kind doctors have allowed us to come home on day release both yesterday and today and I am being observed giving her IV  antibiotics into her central line so hopefully she will be discharged tomorrow.  Her blood counts are very low at the moment and she has no neutrophils at all so we will be hiding out for a few days to get her fully recovered.  Hopefully she will be well by Wednesday as she is recieving her “Little Star” award at nursery, as well as performing her christmas songs with all her friends for the Mums and Dads.  XXX

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  1. Ryan and Sev Says:

    Dearest Mia

    a big well for your “little star” award , Ryan and I are

    thinking of you and all your family , we wish you

    good luck for Wednesday !!!!

    Lots and lots of LOVE to all of you ,

    Ryan and Sev.

  2. Tracy Says:

    Hi Mia, well judging by your medical expertise, especially when deciding what anaesthetic you should get, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already discharged yourself! Ever read the book ‘Baby Brains’? Tad will lend you his copy if you haven’t. It’s about a very, very clever baby who ends up going to outer-space but I won’t spoil the end. Hope you are having a nice time with the cousins.
    Lots of love T, Tad and Simon xxx
    PS. There’s a rumour that Santa is in town – big round fella, wears red and has a lot of facial hair.

  3. Oliver's Grandma Says:

    Hi Mia,

    I heard all about your Little Star award on the radio this morning. What a star you are!! I hope you are feeling good today and that you and your family have a great day and Oliver and I hope to see you at the Toddlers Christmas party on Friday. xxxx

  4. Theresa Says:

    Well done on your Little Star Mia, it is well deserved. They should have a Mummy & Daddy star award also :) And I bet Harvey is going to get an extra special present from santa this year, for being the best big Brother ever, you are a very lucky little girl to have him. Hope you feel better soon

  5. Stuart hopkins Says:

    so your a little celebrity now going on the radio and picking up a little star award. Make sure you take a pen where ever you go to sign those autogarphs.
    Have a great day mia.x
    Can you hear father Christmas yet?
    He must be on his way by now. Check your chimney Thursday.

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