3rd December… Still not been to Southampton!

Mia’s was still coughing quite a lot on Monday so I telephoned Piam Brown and arranged to wait until the end of the week for her Bone Marrow and Lumbar Puncture.  We made a quick trip to St Mary’s on Monday afternoon just to get her reviewed because she has had her cold/cough for 2 weeks, she was of course very well behaved and it only took about 10 minutes for the doctor to do a full check-up, eyes,ears, throat, chest, tummy etc and she is fine…. No infections here!!!

On Tuesday Mia went to Nursery and went on her first ever school trip to the post office, she really enjoyed it but did get quite tired and had to get in the pushchair after 20 mins of walking around.  Nursery staff were of course well prepared so this wasn’t a problem. 

It’s Wednesday today and Mia and I have been to Marks and Spencer’s for coffee with Sam, Henry and Bella followed by another quick trip to children’s Ward for a review.  Mia had a temperature of 37.7 C at 10am just before we headed into town, by the time we arrived and met Sam her temp was back to a normal 36.5 C but her central line site was quite red so I decided to call the ward and pop in for a quick check.  She was a star again, being very co-operative and after having her line site checked and a few other observations we headed back home to collect Harvey from School.  Scotty has been painting the middle room (lounge/playroom) which I decided on Sunday night desperately needed painting before Christmas!!!! 

Mia and Harvey are both very excited about Christmas especially as I got the decorations out of the loft yesterday and we have decorated the fridge with snow flakes.  Mia is in bed now and for the second night in a row has settled fairly well with not to many demands for just one more drink, cuddle, kiss, tickle, story you name it!!!   The bribe of the playmobil advent calendar is clearly working!

We are going to Southampton tomorrow afternoon where hopefully Mia will have her Vincristine (IV Chemo) and then after a night in CLIC Haven she will have her Bone Marrow aspirate and IT (intra-thecal via Lumbar puncture) Methotrexate (chemo) on Friday morning and we have to start the dreaded steroids again for 5 days

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  1. Gemma Says:

    Whoop whoop!!
    Love those snow flakes Mia!!
    Well done for being such a good girl – it can’t be much fun having an irritating cough and missing out on your medicine.
    Hope you have a good night in Clic Haven and good luck tomorrow. Guess those cheeks are gonna get a wee bit chubby again, huh? Well, for a bit anyway.
    Love you lots – give Harvey a kiss for me,
    Auntie Gemma xxx

    P.s. I got a chocolate baby in my advent calendar this morning.

  2. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    What a brave girl you are, good to hear from Mummy that you are happy and enjoying going to playgroup, and you look in this picture as though you have grown taller since I last saw you!!! you’ll be catchng up with Harv soon!!! can’t wait to see you and Harvey and Mummy and Daddy on 13th. Will be thinking of you on Friday hope all goes well.

    Lots of Love

    luv u lots

  3. Anne Says:

    Love the snowflakes !! Hope everything goes well for you in Southampton – take care Mia, you are just sooooooo brave !! Love Anne Ellie & Joe

  4. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,
    Hope everthing goes well this time and your cough is better enough for what needs to be done. I know you will be your usual brave little self. If you can manage a hug from me for Mummy, that would be good too. I am still giving Santa a hand with his Christmas shopping, and I will be over to the Island to see you soon.


    Grandma XXXXXXX

  5. Kim Says:

    Hi Mia,
    I was so pleased to meet you yesterday with your mummy. The snowflakes photo, along with your other photos and stories are so lovely. You and your family are truly brave people. I hope all goes well for you Mia. You have a wonderful smile which shows alot of determination and magic. May you keep that going through the ups and the downs. Good luck with your next planned treatment. Keep smiling, and I hope you and all your family have fun enjoying all the joys and delights of Christmas.lots of love Kim xx

  6. Stuart hopkins Says:

    well a trip to the post office,what fun.did you post a letter or a card? The fridge looks fantastic I’m now tempted to do mine now. So your going to have some grumpy pills,just remember that santas watching and try not to eat his special mince pie and hopfully your be back for a swim soon.
    I’m sure you as excited as I am that christmas day is only round the corner and santas ready with all your wonderful gifts.

    Write soon my darling
    Stu x x

  7. Tessa & Harry Says:

    Mia..you know how to do things in style…coffee at M&S…one of my favourites!!! Did you mnage any carrot cake??

    And as for all of your check ups and visits to the childrens ward….YOU ARE AMAZING for being so patient.

    Lets hope you get everything done tomorrow and get home again soon to finish getting ready for christmas with mummy daddy and Harvey.

    Not long now until you know who gets down the chimney with lots of presents for you and Harvey…lets hope Santa does not get stuck like he did in your song.

    Hope to see you at nursey soon …you can make sure that Harry is being a good boy for me !!

    Take care little lady and love to mummy xxxx

  8. Sarah, Aeryn & Myer Says:

    Hi Mia,

    That fridge looks wonderful how cool are those snowflakes.
    Myer would like to know where yor mummy got those from?
    Hope all goes well in Southampton and see you outside school soon.
    Sarh, Aeryn & Myer

  9. Claire Says:

    Hi Mia,

    My name is Claire and I work with your Nana. I think you are a very brave girl. Keep smiling as looking at your pictures make me smile too.

    You have a great Christmas and I hope Santa is very good to you, especially how good you have been through your treatment.

    Take care
    Love Claire

  10. mia Says:

    For all those who are envious of the fridge snowflakes…. head to Matalan!!! Thanks for all the messages, we love them XXXX

  11. Gin Says:

    Hello Mia, my name is Gin and I used to work with your Mummy, you look like you had fun decorating your tree… my little girl is almost the same age is you and she has just helped me decorate our tree… she didn’t do such a good job as you… all the baubles were on the bottom branch!!!!
    Lots of Love
    Gin, Dave, Charlotte and Alex

  12. Ex Girlfiend Says:

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