Weekend update.

So it’s Saturday evening and both Mia and Harvey are in bed… It’s been a busy week!  Mia went back into St Marys Hospital on Friday afternoon for her chemo and was a superstar when she had her new cannula put in.  She is getting increasingly more anxious because she knows it will hurt but on Friday she took back a little control by choosing the snowball spray instead of the “icing” a local anaesthetic cream which she says doesn’t make it not owie.  So the nurse practitioner (Michelle – a great name!) sprayed lots of snowballs and quickly got down to work taking blood and then inserting a cannula, it took 2 attempts and Mia did shout alot but stayed really still and said that it didn’t really hurt ( when it was finished).  She had her chemo and we came home to a fish and chips dinner.  She is back on the steroids for 5 days and we can already see the mood changes this time basically lots more shouting and a few teary meltdowns but she knows why and just says that it’s her grumpy medicine and she’s getting better at calming down and often says sorry for being stroppy.  We had a good day and have managed to book a room in CLIC Haven for tomorrow night which means we don’t have to get up at 5am on Monday to catch the ferry!  We have left her cannula “mini snake” from Friday in and I have been flushing it twice a day so hopefully on Monday morning it will still be working and she can be put to sleep without any further “stabs” or that “stinky gas”.   I will write again on Tuesday or Wednesday when we are home with a new “baby snake”XXX

Thank you Nana for getting Mia’s fundraising page started… for all those who haven’t seen it the link is on the home page and copied here:

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  1. nana Says:

    Good luck for monday Mia Iknow you will be as brave as you can, new baby snake in place you will be able to relax a little and hopefully no more “stabbies” for a while.

    Lots of love and I’ll be thinking of you and catching up with Mummy monday after you are back from the hospital, give my love to Dr Jan, Dr Steph and all the lovely nurses.


  2. Grandma Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I just read the latest entry and find it absolutely amazing how much Mia understands what is happening to her.She deals with it so well, down to even sometimes apologising for the “grumpies”. Only 3 yrs old but such a star! Could it be because that’s what she’s got for a Mum? I think so.

    Mia, you are beautiful and wonderful and I love you loads.
    Hope to come and see you soon

    Love to Scott and Harvey too.

    Grandma XXXXXXX

  3. Ryan and Sev Says:

    Hello everybody ,

    We just had a look at your website Mia , and we think

    it`s a very goog idea and vey well done !!!

    Ryan and I talk about you , and think of you all very

    very much .

    We send you lots of love !!!!

    Ryan and Sev.

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