Still got the cold..

We had a good weekend with visits to Busy Bee (garden centre) Christmas world, and B and Q to see the Christmas decorations.  I stirred up a bit of chaos in B and Q by setting all the jingle dancing Santa’s off at once and Harvey and Mia took their lead from me, before we knew it everything that sang or danced was doing it!!!!  It was good fun!

On Sunday we went to Tesco and met up with Sam and James, Hen and Bella for coffee then had a visit from Bede and Julia, Ruby and Oscar for more coffee.  During a minor lapse in parental observation the 4 children managed to spill 10,000 hama beads in the lounge… whoops.

Mia and I did head for Southampton on Monday and stayed at CLIC Haven but on Tuesday morning the doctors up on Piam Brown Ward decided that her cough was still significant and her anaesthetic for Bone Marrow aspirate and intra-thecal chemo was post-poned again.  She did have an echo-cardiogram before we left the hospital though so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip.  The echo was done because one of the chemo drugs that she is due to have in the new year can cause cardiac problems so it is important to have a “normal” reading before the chemo commences, her heart function will be monitored again during/after the treatment.

Today Mia has been to nursery this morning and we had Henry and Bella to play this afternoon, we decorated biscuits and Mia and Henry pulled some very attractive faces for the camera.  Mia’s blood levels have recovered slightly so the risk of infections has reduced again so she will go to nursery again in the morning and we will hopefully get to playgroup on Friday as-well.  Her cough still seems to be hanging on today so we probably won’t go back to Southampton until Monday but Dr Jan has reassured me that it does not matter that we are slightly delayed because all of her oral chemo has continued in between times.

Harvey and Mia have written their letters to Santa this week, Mia even managed to sign her own name!

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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hi Mia,

    Sounds like you had a great time in B&Q with the dancing Santas, and the rest of the week was pretty good too. You are going to have to tell me what you asked Santa for so I can help him to find it or maybe I could email him and ask, what do you think? Wow, you signed the letter yourself, fantastic, clever girl!

    Daddy just phoned while I was writing to you, so I have got an idea of what you might have asked for, and I know exactly what Harvey wants so I might be half-way there but still need to know more.

    I really liked the funny-face pics!

    Loads of love as always,

    Grandma XXXXXXX

  2. Stuart hopkins Says:

    I’m going to b&q as soon as possible to hear santa’s sing,bet you were chuckling all the way home.
    I’d like to know who picked up all 10000 beads or are you still finding some know,can just imagine everyone faces. LOL.
    Well mia,you must be the bravest and strongest girl I know and I hope your cough gets better soon,I’ve got one and there just horrible.
    You must be looking forward to xmass and hopeing father xmass has got you just what you want,only good boys and girls get presants from him and he knows you have been a good girl,so make sure you give your list to father Christmas and I’m sure your get what you want.
    X x

  3. Gemma Says:

    Whoop whoop! Eh-up Mia, you little rapscalion!
    What are those faces about?! eh? Tee hee!
    Great to hear you are getting to hang out at nursery, that’s cool that you can go in and see your friends, isn’t it? Sorry to hear that your cold is hanging around. Boo.
    Speak to you soon – I’ve got to write my Christmas list to santa too, thanks for reminding me.
    Love you, Gemma x

    10,000 hama beads on the floor… glad I wasn’t there Shell! Ha!

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