Slight Change of Plan

Due to Mia having had a cough all week it was decided this afternoon that her chemotherapy and bone marrow aspirate due to be done tomorrow under anaesthetic will be postponed until Tuesday next week.  Mia was quite happy to spend an hour on the children’s ward playing Donutters !!!


             Thanks to good planning from Mia’s communtity nurses,  she was seen by the Doctor at St Mary’s and a plan to postpone was made before we made the trip over the water.   Although Mia is well in herself and does not have a chest infection her cough is quite “chesty” and the anaesthetic could potentially make it worse.  It has been explained to us that through out treatment there will occasionally be times that chemotherapy is delayed due to illness or low blood levels and that a postponement of a few days will not affect the efficiency of the treatment.  Mia will continue on her oral chemotherapy over the weekend and we will be Southampton bound on Monday afternoon for our overnight stay at CLIC Haven and treatment on Tuesday.

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  1. Tessa & Harry Says:

    Hi all,
    I have been keeping an eye on Mia’s website since I bumped into you on Tuesday Michelle…I think that it is amazing that you squeeze some of your energy reserves into updating us all with news and pics.
    I asked Harry if he and Mia have played at Nursery…I was given a story that goes something like this..
    “Yes Mama.. Me and Mia played with the rabbits in my pocket (?). I gave Mia 2 of them and we put sticky tapes on their bums”!!! lots of love xxx

  2. Anne West Says:

    Hi all – have only just heard about Mia and found out about this site – what a brave little girl you have there.Will read often to see how Mia is and maybe get to see you at school Michelle if u still do pick ups as im going into Class 3 on a tues afternoon to hear Joe n pals read – Aaaaagh – heeeellllpppp – must be mad !! Lots of love n best wishes from Anne Ellie & Joe xxxx

  3. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,

    I can hardly see to write this for the tears of laughter.

    Please never explain about Harry and the rabbits!

    Thanks for that Tessa,

    Love to All.

    Grandma XXXXXXX

  4. tracey docherty Says:

    hi there,
    i hope mias cough gets better soon, it seems like nothing fazes her, she looks a real cheeky little monkey in her elephant mask, the story about the rabbits made me laugh too, love to you all

    tracey xxx

  5. Mairi Says:

    hi Mia, Harvey, Michelle and Scott,
    We love the photo of you playing dougnutters!! We have been trying to contact you since we herd your news. but silly me has lost your number!!! Maybe we could catch up sometime if Mia is well enough?
    Take care all of you.
    Loads of love From Mairi, Phil,Euan and Arran.
    (405580 if you fancy a chat!!!)

  6. Amy Says:

    HI!!!!! Just to let you all know you are truly insperational and I love this website. I t is great to be able to log on and catch up, as busy lives dictate, often you don’t get to spend time with the peole you choose and I wish I had more time to spend with you. Lot’s of love xxxxxx

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