Well unfortunately Mia did not manage to avoid the sickness bug!  Very shortly after returning home from her swimming on Wednesday morning she started complaining of tummy ache and within 20 minutes she was screaming in pain and I was making a rather frantic journey to St Mary’s Hospital to get her checked out.  I don’t know why but a 15 minute journey (I was driving fast) when you are scared feels like a lifetime, especially when the car in front decides to give way to every horse, lorry and bus on the road!  Anyway on arrival at the hospital Mia vomited in fantastic style all over herself and was instantly in less discomfort, I continued to be frantic and abandoned the car recklessly and ran into the ward carrying my vomit drenched bundle.  The nurses on duty were brilliant and within 20 minutes she had a cannula in, fluids running to rehydrate her and all her bloods had been sent to the labs to make sure she didn’t have an infection which would require antibiotics.  Her observations were stable with no fever and she was given some paracetamol for the discomfort after this she slept for 40 minutes and woke up a lot happier.  Mia spent the afternoon playing playdoh, watching TV and reading books, there were a few more vomits but they stopped by 8pm and we had a fairly good nights sleep.  After a long morning on the ward, with me feeling very frustrated because Mia should have been over in Southampton getting her new central line, we were discharged home at 2pm.  This evening we enjoyed our fireworks in the garden that we could not have yesterday and after a 30 minute protest (disrupted routines again) Mia went to sleep at about 8pm.  Mia will have to go back in to St Marys tomorrow and have another cannula for her IV Vincristine (chemo) then we will hopefully have a bug free weekend and she will be on the theatre list again on Monday morning for her central line insertion.  We have all our fingers crossed again XX  PS. Happy birthday to Auntie Sam and Sam love to you both from all of us XX.

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  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    Hope your poorly tummy is better today, that was some adventure you had, pity you weren’t well enough to appreciate mummy’s Nigel Mansell skills!!! (did you know when she first passed her driving test and lived at home with Nana our next door neighbour nicknamed her “Nigel Mansell” as we could often hear her arriving in her “cool mini” way before she arrived.)

    Say hi to Harvey for me, mummy tells me he had a trip to the Cinema to see the new James Bond movie “Quantom Solace” with daddy, boys treats.

    I didn’t know it was Sam Pitts birthday the same day as Auntie Sam-happy birthday Sam

    Good luck today Mia speak to you at weekend

    Love you lots

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