Popsy and Sue Visit.

On Wednesday Grandad Popsy and Sue travelled from Devon to come and see us, bearing gifts for Harvey and Mia.  It was lovely to see them both looking so well and the children were really pleased with theirpresents.  Harvey had 2 lego sets which he quickly set about constructing and Mia had a Jumbo set of Crayola pens, paints, stamps and stickers and a Jumbo set of Blo Pens which proved to be an instant hit (with all of us!).On Wednesday evening we all went out for a chinese meal, and on Thursday evening a trip to Pizza Express.  What more could a girl ask for?  Her two favourite restaurants in two days and with Popsy and Sue to listen to her stories… Mia was in her element. We are all well fed and have really enjoyed the week.

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