New Central Line is in.

Mia went to theatre at 10.30 this morning for her new central line, she was very anxious but went to sleep OK and by 11.45 was back on the ward with her new baby snake!  She was quite stroppy and very hungry but we had Auntie Sam with us to help entertain and after a dose of codeine we were able to change her dressing for a nice clean one and take out the cannula that had survived since Friday.  We stayed on the ward till just after teatime and then were allowed to come back to CLIC Haven for the night.  We will go up to the ward in the morning to get baby snake flushed and then head back to the Island.  All in all it was a good day and Mia thoroughly enjoyed chatting to the staff especially Dr Steff who Mia impressed with her knowledge of drug names and procedure explanations… she is a proper little nurse.

4 Responses to “New Central Line is in.”

  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    Good news about baby snake, glad it all went well and you were very brave.

    Love u lots

  2. Emma Watts Says:

    Hi Mia you are so brave! I am glad for you that the “baby snake” was ok. Big hug to you and all your family x

  3. maura Says:

    hell Mia, You are so brave. Great that all went well with “baby snake” big hug maura

  4. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    Tell Mummy to watch out for the postman tomorrow, special surprise coming in the post for “a proper little Nurse”

    Lots of love Nana

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