Mums get Muddy for Mia’s fund

Today was a good one!!!!  One of the Mums (Emma Watts) from Harvey’s school was so shocked when she first read Mia’s diary that she felt she had to do something to help out and so she spread the word and got 10 other Mums to volunteer for a day of sponsored team activities and personal challenges including a quite scary zip line and a tricky assault course.  At 10.30 this morning, in the rain the mum’s set out on the assault course at Kingswood it involved both team and individual challenges, lots of mud (due to the rain) and generally quite strenuous activities that  Mums don’t get to do that often (they are normally watching the kids do them).  Everyone had a great time and there was lots of laughter… Mia loved watching them all get filthy and wet.  By 12.00 all 11 were queuing patiently for their turn on the zip line (some more anxiously than others) but one by one everybody did it!!! And I did too, which I secretly enjoyed.  The activity morning was followed by lunch for all of us courtesy of the Kingswood team.  Scotty and I were so touched that everybody involved had taken days off work, rescheduled childcare and got sponsors from friends and family to raise money in Mia’s name.  It was truly touching… especially as I only knew half of these Mums by sight and had probably only ever said “Hello” whilst doing the school run.  We are very grateful for their time and effort and can’t wait to see how much they managed to raise, Emma has estimated that it is around £500 which is fantastic.  Thank-you from us all XXXXX

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  1. Emma Watts Says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely diary review, it was great to have you come over and join us and to laugh at us as we climbed, crawled and clambered over the assault course! It was worth it to see Mia’s face as Catrin fell face first into the mud – don’t forget “you’ve been framed” needs that clip Michelle! Well done for taking part with us too Michelle, the pics of you on the zip line are fab and I’ll put some on a cd for you to upload. I ache from my finger tips to my toes so i’m of now for a hot bath! See you all soon x Emma x

  2. Kate Says:

    rubadubdub lots in the tub harvey , scottie , mummy , Mia , Jackie and Kate ! It was great to have you there to join in with the fun . Lets look forward to another fun fundraising event . I must admit it did feel a bit weird driving home with my face caked in mud . lots of love to you all , see you soon . Kate xxxx

  3. Tracy Says:

    It was lovely to see Mia yesterday and to be treated to an impromptu musical concert was a real delight. Highlights were, ‘It’s a small world’ and the funky nursery rhyme ‘Rubadubdub’ and then came the surprise finish with the x-rated ‘Listen all around we’re surrounded by sound’ in which the ‘dos’ had been cleverly substituted with ‘poohs’. Thanks Mia, may I ask when are you going on tour? And may I suggest the tour be called, ‘Mia’s Ministry of Sound’ – warning contains mild use of silly language!
    lot of love Txx

  4. Anne Martin Says:

    Well done you Mums how fabulous, what a fantastic way to get involved, many thanks from Mia’s Nana-come on you Dads your turn now-what about a sponsored Tug of War?? that could be messy as well so you won’t miss out on the mud!!!!

    Thankyou all again for supporting Michelle, Scott Harvey & Mia
    Anne (Michelle’s Mum & Mia & Harvey’s Nana)

  5. Grandma Says:

    Hello everybody,

    I really wish I had got up in the middle of the night to get to the Island to see you all doing your stuff for Mia,s fund. Fabulous fun and such a lovely gesture from all of you, thank you so much (the cheque’s in the post!) It’s good to know that there are kind, wonderful people like you around.

    Shell, put more pictures on please.

    Love to all,


  6. mia Says:

    Sorry that there are not more pictures but as you can imagine it was a pretty busy day and I have about 100 pics mainly of peoples behinds!!! as they threw themselves up and over or down and under obstacles. The Isle of Wight County Press are running a story this week (Friday 21st) so please check on their website for the story and a few more pictures. XXXX Michelle XXXX

  7. Gary, Georgia and Sarah Says:

    Wow…..well done to you all…you guys are so brave…and Mia is a STAR! So hard to keep it together when you just feel like falling apart…such a scary ordeal and yet you are all super role models for thousands of others in the same situation…
    We dont see you guys alot…even though we only live across the street from each other…busy lives and schedules etc…but please know we are here for ya…should you ever need anything…and we mean ANYTHING!
    xxxxxxooooooo Sarah, Gary and Georgia

  8. Mel, Shaun, Ethan, Amelia and Alivia. Says:

    Wish we could have been there for your special, sounds and looks like you had a well fab time.

    Lots of love mel, shaun, Etha, Amelia and Alivia. xxx

  9. mia Says:

    Don’t worry Mel, we will definately plan some more muddy escapdes and you will be on the list! Lots of love to you and the kids XXX

  10. Charlie Says:

    Thanks for article. Everytime like to read you.


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