Mia singing

Following on with the Christmas theme having written to Santa it was now time to start singing about him!  Mia has learnt so many Christmas songs already, thanks to Little Squirrels Nursery and she loves to sing them too!  Harvey seems to think it’s much more fun to try and put Mia off than to join in.  See the singing angel here and here

It has been another good week!  Mia has enjoyed nursery and playgroup today and despite us all now having the winter cold everyone in our household is happy…. fantastic.  I will start getting the Christmas lights out this weekend so that should whip the kids up a bit.

Busy week next week:  Lumber Puncture and Bone Marrow Aspirate on Tuesday then IV (intravenous) Vincristine (chemo) on Thursday and 5 days of the dreaded steroids… once that’s over Mia only has her oral chemo (daily) and yucky weekend medicine (an antibiotic given 2 days a week to prevent pneumonia) to take until after Christmas, providing she stays well of course.  Her intensification block of treatment is scheduled to start the week of 3rd January.

Thanks for all the comments, keep them coming we love reading them XXX

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  1. Gemma Says:

    Hello Mia, It’s auntie Gemma here. Sorry I haven’t spoken to you for a while – I’ve been a busy bunny, working and getting ready for Christmas – I am soooo excited!!!
    I thought your singing was beautiful and I have made you my friend on YouTube, so now I won’t miss any videos you might make. I might even try one myself.
    I will be coming down to the island to see you in a couple of weeks and I simply can’t wait to give you a big hug and see your smiling little face.
    Look after Mummy and give Harvey a squeeze for me. Speak soon, Lots and lots a love, Gemma xxx

  2. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,

    Loved the singing (and the acting which Harvey got in on too!) you are so lovely! Can’t wait to see the next video.

    I am such a lucky Grandma. XXXXXXX

  3. Tessa & Harry Says:

    Hi to all of you,
    Mia, that was an adorable solo… Harvey, you do everything a big brother should!!!!
    Michelle, I log on everynight when I sit down to do my uni work and I have to say I look forward to any news about Mia and how she is doing. It has also been so nice to have a little chance to see Mia at Squirrels..what better hands could she be in..they really are superb there arn’t they. When I saw Mia this week she was getting a good squeeze from Emma!! Have a fab weekend and take good care next week..hope you are taking five just every now and then…with lots of love xxxx

  4. Anne Martin Says:

    Soooooo cute Mia, you have definitely got the Xfactor, talent personality and dance moves as well, can’t wait to see you and Harvey in a couple of weeks time when I come over to IOW.

    Good luck with your last visit to Priam ward before Christmas, say Happy Christmas for me to Dr Jan, Dr Steff and all the nurses.

    Lots of Love

  5. Grandma Says:

    Hey Mia,

    Another great video, Santa seems to be having a tough time, so let’s hope he gets the hang of getting down chimneys before Christmas Eve!!!

    Loads more love, Grandma XXXXXXX

  6. Oliver's Grandma Says:

    Hi Mia,

    It was so nice to see you and Mummy at toddlers on Friday. I loved your singing on the video, but we got to hear you live on Friday didn’t we? Look out X Factor, here comes Mia!!

    I do hope that all goes well leading up to Christmas and that we get to see you at the toddlers Christmas party.

    Lots of love to you and to all your family and Oliver sends a big kiss. Xxxx

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