Busy Week..

Apologies for not posting sooner…it has been a busy week.  Mia and I were home on Tuesday morning and her 5 days of steroids ended on Wednesday but by Tuesday night the appetite had really kicked in so I have spent much of the week being tired as a result of the hospital stay and Mia waking in the night to eat.  Thankfully she hasn’t been demanding full meals just a marmite sandwich and crisps (salty ones of course).  By last night I was not so amused and she is back on strict instructions that any further night-time snacks will only be bread sticks and water….Hopefully she will realise they are not worth waking for.  It has however been nice to see her with a good appetite again even if it only lasts a couple of weeks, the chubby cheeks got a little chubbier this week too!  Mia had lots of discomfort from her central line stitches on Wednesday and Thursday this week as well so she was quite grumpy for a couple of days. 

Friday was a great day, we went to playgroup and spent a great hour catching up with friends and we even went to the school celebration assembly and saw Harvey recieve a red letter for good behaviour during the last term.  Harvey desperately needed a hair cut so that was the next outing on Friday and Mia could not resist getting one last trim, her hair is getting really thin now. 

The weekend has been a good one, and included a visit from Grandad Don Don which was really nice… Mia clambered all over him and was a perfect little chatterbox for most of the day, she also showed off her rock and roll dancing this evening which kept us all entertained.

Next week should hopefully be more settled! 

It is however, being kicked of in style because 10 of the mums from Harvey’s school are doing lots of crazy (muddy) out door activities including Zip lines to raise some money for Mia’s Especially for you Fund. 

I can’t wait to spectate!!

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  1. Grandma Says:

    Hello All

    I’m always impressed with how well you all cope with everything life is throwing at you right now. No matter how tired you get, there is still so much good to report, rock and roll dancing I know about, go for it Mia!

    What on earth is a zip line, being done in the mud? The problem with being one of the “senior” members is you lose touch with what’s going on!

    I think I had better come over and check it out, when is it happening, maybe I could sponsor somebody or even all of them?

    Sending a ton of love,

    Grandma XXXXXXX

  2. Grandma Says:

    P.S. A “Red Letter Day” Well done Harvey, so proud of you.

    Love….Grandma XXX

  3. tracey docherty Says:

    Hello Mia,
    It sounds like you have all had such a busy week, and you all cope so well!. Mummy and Daddy must be very tired, (Its amazing how little sleep we need when needs must). Grandma always lets me know how your doing, keep smiling Mia Love to you all Tracey xxxx

  4. Gemma Says:

    Well done Harv!!! xxx

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