Shopping before Chemo…

Mia is now in week 7 of her treatment, it’s called consolidation, the intensive first month is over and the interim maintenance is looming but for the 3 weeks in between these stages we have weekly visits to Southampton for intra-thecal (into spinal fluid) chemotherapy (methotrexate).  So each week she has blood taken from her central line (baby snake) on a Wednesday to check that her blood levels are OK for her chemo on the Friday.  I am now able to take the blood from baby snake so this does not require a visit to the hospital or a home visit from the community nurses.  Then on Thursday Mia and I are Southampton bound where we have an overnight stay before her chemo on Friday morning and then we head back to the Island on Friday afternoon.  This week we met the Aunties and cousins for a little retail therapy on Thursday, it was great to see Caleb and Jack as we haven’t seen them together since the summer…Caleb was on top form!

And Auntie Sam indulged in a little fancy dressing too.


After running riot, spending too much money and generally creating havoc in West Quay shopping centre for most of the day Sam took the boys home and Mia, Auntie Gemma and I headed of to Clic Haven for the evening.

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  1. sam Says:

    Fortunately Franks head looks better on Jack. Have a great weekend.
    love you x

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