Not so Central Line!

Baby Snake (Mia’s central line) has relocated itself and is no longer in the vein leading to her right atrium!!!  At 2pm today I went to flush baby snake because it had blood in it again (it bleeds back into the line a lot.. no one can explain why!).  I could not draw out the blood so like any anxious mother I called Piam Brown ward for more support and the Sister Karen said that it would be OK to try flushing it through and that it would probably bleed back once flushed because the internal valves may have just collapsed together preventing me from drawing back.  So I hung up and tried again…. 1ml of saline no problem, 2ml’s of saline and Mia shouted “ow my stomach” and promptly pointed to her shoulder, on examination she had a swollen lump (of saline) under the skin exactly where the baby snake should be entering his vein.  PANIC… I hit redial and almost shouted down the phone that her line was leaking what should I do, and was calmly told (by Sister Karen again) not to carry on flushing it and to head to St Mary’s for an X-ray to check the position of the line.  3 hours later the X-ray clearly showed that Baby snake had wiggled his way all the way out of his vein!!!  Mia (is fine by the way she was undeterred by my drama) will be added to the surgical list at Southampton on Thursday or next Monday to have the line removed and a new one placed.  She is not going to be impressed when they want to site a cannula in a vein in her hand to put her to sleep…

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  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    What a pain, that’s all the hula hula dancing you did at the weekend!!!, the nurses and Doctors at Piam Ward will sort it out and make it all better for you, speak to you soon love u lots


  2. Grandma Says:

    Hello Mia,

    You explained what happened to your snake and how it felt, really well on the phone this morning, I am so proud of you, you made a better job of it than Daddy did! I’m glad it doesn’t hurt now and they are going to fix it for you, love you loads,

    Grandma XXXXXXX

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