Nana, Gary and Giles come to visit

It’s so good to have visitors…..  We have been really lucky that Mia has remained well during these early weeks of treatment so visitors have not been restricted. 

Nana (my Mum) stayed with Mia and I in the hospital on days 1-5 and has not been able to visit since then so it was lovely to have her, Gary and Giles to visit us for the day on Sunday.  They bought a fantastic gift for Mia and for Harvey and they bought lunch for us all….. thanks folks XXXX 

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  1. Anne Martin Says:

    Hi Mia

    It’s Nana, it was lovely to see your smiley face on Sunday, looking forward to spending more time with you next weekend when you come to our house to stay. How are you getting on with the jewellery box decoration, maybe you have been too busy to do any more, bring it with you and I’ll help you to finish it and maybe we can find some jewels to put inside!!! Tell mummy to give me a list of special things you like to eat so I can make sure I get them in ready, we have marmite as I know that’s a favourite. Give my love to Harvey.

    Lots of Love

    Lots of love

  2. Carmen Says:

    Hi Mia
    Gosh you are a very pretty and very patient litle girl. I read your story on an Irish Website and thought I would say hello and hope you are doing well. Mum, great idea, this website. I hope you and your family are doing ok and my family will pray for you all.
    Love and light.

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